Sky Rover 72mm ED APO Complete Spotting Scope package

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ADVANCED LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for those seeking premium quality, and Advanced users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on Terrestrial targets of ships on the water, city buildings, birding, sports, landscapes & fauna observation. Plus Astronomy usage on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters & nebulae.

Do you want to actually see detail in terrestrial spotting & visual astronomy, do you want to do astrophotography (now or at some stage in the future ?)   If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you need to get a better telescope with premium Japanese ED Glass optics.

Do you want to see the Cassini Division INSIDE Saturn’s rings & the Equatorial Cloud bands & Great Red Spot on Jupiter ?

As you are buying direct from the designer & manufacturer here, our prices will surprise you (yes you can get these same optics in some of the famous brand names, but you have to pay these brand names “on costs” thereby the price is higher).

The Sky Rover’s use premium optics manufactured by the best opticians in the world, the Japanese. Using premier ED Glass. Chinese telescopes are for beginner & intermediate astronomy, but for astrophotography they simply do not offer the obligatory level required in sharpness, detail, contrast and clarity.

PLUS you actually ACHIEVE the #1 magic word in terrestrial spotting & astronomy – RESOLUTION – that is obligatory to achievement in the eyepiece and onto your camera’s chip.

Simply put the Japanese premier ED optics in the Sky Rover’s achieve !! It’s all about the glass, always has been, and always will be.

You deserve a better telescope.

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In stock – immediate shipment or pick up available.

Sky Rover ED72 ED Glass 72mm APO Refractor Telescope Spotting scope special package.

ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL LEVEL PHOTOGRAPHIC & VISUAL TELESCOPE SYSTEM – COMPLETE PACKAGE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced & Professional users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters , nebulae & galaxies. Plus exceptional resolution of terrestrial targets such as bird watching, bay views, city landscapes, mountain ranges, landscape vistas & all other terrestrial viewing.

Premier Japanese “ED” Extra Dispersion glass lens – PLUS – latest design 2.5 inch Ultra Smooth dual speed focuser.

Are you ready for sublime premium astronomy & advanced photography.

Just an exceptional telescope, simple as that! An absolute a joy to use. You will be delighted with the details you can achieve through this exotic APO 72mm, fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually and for astro imaging.


  1. Sky Rover ED72 APO Refractor telescope
  2. Saxon Az3 altazimuth mount with Skywaztcher adapter plate to connect to the telescope
  3. Everwin premier quality 1.25 inch Dielectric coated diagonal providing upright image capability
  4. Everwin high quality 8-24mm zoom eyepiece providing a magnification range of exactly what you seek for advanced terrestrial observation – ie: 18 magnifications zooming through to 53 magnifications – higher magnification available if required with additional eyepieces, please enquire for details
  5. Option: Camera nosepiece to connect you camera to your telescope – plus available are Canon (or Nikon) T42 42mm T Mount to attach to your DSLR

Please note – this is a FULL PACKAGE system. It includes everything required for the advanced visual & photographic enthusiast to achieve their full capability & potential. The products selected here are all premium quality, there are NO weak products, NO weak links in the chain. Suits discerning buyers wanting premium gear but seeking a much better price point than the major brands (whose overheads & distribution systems make comparable gear at least 35% dearer).

Please feel free to see all these products separately on this webpage.

Please feel free to call to discuss your specific project needs and selection.

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