Servicing of Telescopes


Astronomy Alive has done refurbishment, complete rebuild, replacement of worn parts and full upgrade and servicing of telescopes from all around Australasia.

Some examples of our work are described below:

Unitron 75mm Refracting Telescope System

  • Complete rebuild including tube stripping, re-powdercoating & replacement of damaged or lost parts.
  • Outstanding example of one of Japan’s finest from the 1980’s.

Royal 76mm Refracting Telescope System

  • Service of Royal’s best refractor
  • Full service, including finding some rare parts that were missing from customer’s componentry
  • Fully restored to as new condition
  • Beautiful example of Royal of Japan’s most famous refractor

Taiwanese 85mm Refracting Telescope

  • Service of York 85mm/ 1000mm refractor on Eq3
  • Full upgrade, including replacement of missing parts
  • Now fully operational

Unitron 100mm Refracting Telescope System

  • Service of Unitron’s most famous telescope
  • Replacement of broken parts & sourcing rare & ultra hard to find original componts from Europe & USA
  • Full refurbishment – restored to first class presentation condition
  • Superb example of Japan’s most famous 1980’s refractor

Hand Crafted Solid Jarrah Tripod 

  • Ultra high power visual 105mm Refractor project
  • Customer requires ultra high magnification – 400X PLUS
  • Commercial tripods Dampening Rate & Structural capabilities unacceptable to customer
  • Solid hardwood Jarrah & hand crafted aluminium tripod for advanced level capability

Hand Crafted Auminium Focuser Cell & Telescope Tube

  • Example – 6 inch aperture – Hand Crafted replacement telescope tube
  • Including replacement Hand Crafted 4 inch focuser cell
  • 1200mm tube length for Takahashi FS152 refractor

Hand Crafted Aluminium Mirror Cell

  • Large aperture 14.5 inch Primary mirror cell for Advanced level telescope
  • Customer was unprepared to accept the quality of any globally available mirror cell
  • Customer wanted exceptional Zero stress capability for 14.5 inch 1/32 wave P/V Primary mirror
  • Final telescope system is capable to over 450 Magnifications PIN SHARP
  • (Footnote – primary cell uses hand crafted aluminium clips modified from Aston Martin drivetrain)

Royal 100mm Reflecting Telescope System

  • Full restoration & total salvage project – Royal’s popular 100mm reflector
  • We have restored over a dozen of these systems in the last decade alone
  • Very popular with very good optical performance
  • Some of these have looked terrible when coming to us, we have stripped, sand blasted, painted, powercoated and replaced components and turned these systems back into operating examples of this classic
  • These systems deserve saving – as Japanese quality from the 1970’s is always worth the effort