About Astronomy Alive

Who is Astronomy Alive

Cris Ellis is founder & proprietor of Astronomy Alive, a division of Ellis Marketing (established 1987).

His astronomy experience spans over five decades of continuous innovation & growth. His astronomy knowledge is exceptional – even by global standards.

Cris’ strategy in selecting optics with customers is simple:

* Do it Once

* Do it Right

* Using Exclusively the best products

We only supply quality products that actually perform – we do NOT supply low quality units that disappoint (there are far too many of those).

Astronomy Alive is 100% Australian owned, 100% Australian located, and 100% Australian operated

We are Melbourne’s  ONLY  specialist supplier of telescopes.

Our telescope showroom and workshop is located in the Melbourne suburb of Bentleigh.

We ship locally, regionally, nationally & globally on a daily basis.

Our competitors are: Camera stores, Department stores or Asian “Brown Box” suppliers – all with limited / no specialist knowledge in telescopes & astronomy.                    

Specialists in Telescopes

When you contact us you are answered by the business owner, Cris Ellis – personally.

Cris is a specialist and is available to assist every aspect of astronomy & optics – you are not merely contacting a …… salesperson in a shop.

Cris is a globally leading specialist telescope designer. He has a long history designing specialist optics for many of the world’s leading telescope manufacturers.


Specialists in Astrophotography Systems

We are the most experienced specialist astrophotography products supplier in Australia, and have the most exceptional range of astroimaging equipment available of any supplier in the southern hemisphere.

Representing  in excess of 70%  of the world’s highest capability premier manufacturers of specialist astrophotographic products – with most of these being exclusively available from Astronomy Alive. 

Our portfolio of astrophotographic products is specifically custom selected to provide maximum performance for beginner, experienced, professional & institutional astrophotography enthusiasts. Including major observatories both in Australia & globally.

These products are also available at prices that will surprise. We deal direct with the world’s premier manufacturers, thereby achieve sourcing of the highest quality astrophotography products at prices below other Australian suppliers – who are unable to access these sensational suppliers.


Products that Perform

If you do not find a particular product you are interested in on our webpage – there is a very good reason for this – as we aren’t interested in that supplier or their products.

We supply only products that really perform !

We refuse to supply products that we regard as lower in quality / capability than the required standard. Or are excessively overpriced as they go through too many sets of hands to get to the customer (plenty of them, call us to understand more).

We deal direct with the manufacturers of the world’s best telescopes, not the marketers – ie: “Branders”  – who manufacture nothing.

You the customer deserve better gear that actually performs !

We recommend you exercise caution when buying

1. Australia’s most advertised astronomy business in most internet searches – aren’t Australians, aren’t owned/ managed in Australia. They may use a very Australian sounding business name, but are a foreign business.

2. Others may tell you they are experts when they are actually brand new to astronomy & have a new webpage, and have been doing astronomy/ astrophotography for about a year. They are keen – which is great, but are “babes in the woods” – enthusiastic, but with no products of substance or any genuine capability & knowledge.

3. There is a “new business name” established in astronomy every few months chasing down optics wholesalers. Trying to set themselves up as the latest new “telescope retailer”. These people are “fly by night” and will disappear if you keep watching. They see an opportunity and do not understand that it is a very difficult business the astronomy business, and as profits are ordinary are easily discouraged.



Our Major Suppliers

The world’s best telescope maker:
Officina Stellare (Italy)

The world’s best refractors by:

CFF Telescopes (Poland) [hand crafted exotica]

plus – ASA Astrosysteme (Austria)
Kunming United Optics (China)    
Canon (Tokyo, Japan)
Central DS CCD (Korea)
Skywatcher & Meade (Shanghai, China)
Orion Optics UK (Newcastle Under Lyme, UK)

Sharpstar Optics (Shanghai)
William Optics (Taiwan)
Finger Lakes Instruments (USA)
QHY CCD (China)
Baader Planetarium (Germany)
APM Telescopes (Germany)
Moonraker Telescopes (UK)

Telescope Engineering Company (USA)
Pentax (Japan), Nikon (Japan) & Vortex (USA)           

Carl Zeiss (Germany) – We are the largest Carl Zeiss stockist in the southern hemisphere


Jupiter at 8 years old …….

Cris Ellis was introduced to astronomy at age 8, when he viewed Jupiter through a telescope. He saw the round disc of the planet and its four major moons, and was instantly hooked on astronomy.

Cris is well known in Australian astronomy as founder and president of the Astronomical Society of Melbourne. He is also creator and teacher of astronomy courses at various Melbourne colleges. He is an established astronomy author in Astrophysics & Cosmology, the most active night sky tour leader and astronomy public speaker in Australia. He has also assisted with the establishment of astronomical societies in Asia. He comes from a long history in specialist physics & engineering in the global automotive industry.


Optical Excellence

Cris is the only specialist optics designer, hand craftsman & optical consultant in Australia. He designs specialist optics for many of the world’s premier telescope makers. His linkages in the optics industry globally are unique.

These linkages enable him to source optics directly from the world’s premier optics manufacturers in Japan & Europe – and bespoke manufacture premier optics into a telescope portfolio with highly attractive pricing. These optics also being available under other leading brand names (but not at our low prices).

Astronomy Alive has significantly the most comprehensive portfolio of astronomy and astrophotography products in the southern hemisphere, from beginner through intermediate, advanced, professional and institutional systems for major observatories. Cris is the preferred supplier for beginner telescopes for newbies to astronomy – right through to designing and supply of major observatory systems to professional, university, institutional, scientific & research bodies throughout Australasia, South East Asia, the Americas & Europe.

He is Australia’s most experienced astronomy specialist tour designer & tour guide, customising specialist tours to the world’s major observatories. 

Astronomy Alive is proud to support nearly every major premier manufacturer of quality telescopes and astrophotography systems globally. With many of these global astronomy paragons of capability & quality having their exceptional products being exclusively available from Astronomy Alive. Our product range is without rival by any southern hemisphere supplier.

Footnote :  If you seek guidance from astronomy webpage forums to find out more about a product – may we recommend you consider “Cloudy Nights” for your research. We are unfortunately unable to recommend a particular Australian webpage as you may find biased information – as they may be financially linked to a competitor. Caution always.