Saxon 2X Short Barlow Lens 1.25″

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Designed for use with all focal length telescopes.

Increase your eyepiece collection with world leading quality.

The Saxon 2X Short Barlow Lens is presented in a 1.25″ barrel format and has a 2X magnification factor.

“Threaded” unit enabling direct connection to a T Mount to enable connection to  SLR for astroimaging.

Doubles the magnifying power of any 1.25″ eyepiece while retaining the original eye relief.

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Would you like to increase the number of eyepieces in your astronomy equipment, but have a tight budget?

Don’t buy more eyepieces… just consider a Saxon 2X Barlow Lens! Get twice the “power” when you get a Saxon 2X Short-Focus Barlow Lens!

The barlow lens will double the magnification of your telescope eyepieces. It is used to multiply the focal length (magnifying power) of the objective lens.

For example, a 20mm eyepiece would become a 10mm…

A 15mm eyepiece would have a 7.5mm focal length, etc.

The Saxon 2X Barlow Lens is inserted between the diagonal and the eyepiece when used in a refractor telescope, or between the focuser and eyepiece when used in a reflector telescope. The benefits of using a Saxon 2X “Shorty” Barlow lens to increase magnification are two-fold. You’ll get improved eye relief and reduced spherical aberration in the eyepiece.

Works with any standard 1.25″ eyepiece or focuser. Astrophotography – do you wish to take astrophotography with a Newtonian reflecting telescope ? – this unit is obligatory for this process – as without this unit you are incapable of achieving focus with a SLR camera.

You merely slot the Barlow into your telescope’s focuser and connect the threaded end of the Barlow onto your SLR’s T Mount (available separately). Then focus – easy at that !


Saxon 2X Short Barlow Lens Features…

* Short design for use in limited spaces

* Double any magnifying power of any 1.25″ eyepiece

* Get improved eye relief

* Reduce spherical aberration

* Retaining screw to keep eyepieces securely in place


Saxon 2X Barlow Lens Specifications…

Design : Short Barlow Lens

Magnification Factor : 2X

Barrel Size : 1.25″

Coatings : Multi-coated

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm
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