Orion Optics UK VX20 Newtonian Reflecting telescope


Orion Optics UK VX20 Newtonian Reflecting telescope.

Price range $ 15,899. Please enquire for latest updated pricing when placing your order. Shipment nationally on application.

The Orion Optics UK VX20 Newtonian is an exceptional bespoke hand crafted telescope custom made in Newcastle Under Lyme in England by the team at Orion Optics UK. Note: this company is not related to Orion USA (who are Chinese).

The VX20 is a very fast f4 system and is one of the most popular optical designs used in Astro Photography of Deep Sky objects. The views of wide field star groups will make you gasp, they are truly amazing. Planets are still well within the capabilities of this telescopes along with views of the moon.

For some of the best planetary views you will ever experience. Offering detail at the top level of the aperture and accuracy of the optical design, a planetary observers dream telescope.


Model : VX20

Primary mirror dia : 500mm

Focal length : 2000mm

Focal ratio : f4

Tube weight : 40Kg

Tube : Truss design

Tube length : 1945mm

Tube material : Aluminium

Secondary mirror size : 100mm

Primary mirror cell : CNC 9 Point

Focuser : 2 inch Focuser with reduction gearing

Mirror/ tube cooling : Controllable fan

Tube type : Rolled aluminium

Note: Product range includes: VX6 6 inch, VX8 8 inch, VX10 10 inch, VX12 12 inch, VX14 14 inch, VX16 16 inch & VX20 20 inch. Product range includes the standard standard model with exceptional 1/8 wave optics, plus the even higher quality sensational world class Premium series with 1/10 wave optics. Personally my own OOUK telescope is a 1/10 wave and it is absolutely extraordinary. Please enquire for details.

Additional information

Weight188 kg
Dimensions186 × 66 × 68 cm