ASA Astro Systeme Austria Direct Drive DDM 500 Ultra High Accuracy Drive Robotic Equatorial Telescope Mount


ASA Astro Systeme Austria Direct Drive DDM 500 Ultra High Accuracy Drive Robotic Equatorial Telescope Mount.

The DDM200 is ASA´s latest and the largest model in their new range of new robotic telescope mounts.

It uses ASA’s proprietory “Direct Drive” technology which incorporates the highest capability & quality absolute encoders, PLUS ASA’s proprietory drive software unique to the DDM Series developed by leading global expert Phillip Keller,

ASA’s exceptional accuracy GPS system plus engineering process & manufacturing tolerances & production techniques that enable the ASA DDM Series to achieve what no other Equatorial mount series is able to do globally. This is delete permanently and completely the need to “Guide” the telescope mount for advanced visual and astroimaging users.

Guiding is simply obsolete when using the ASA DDM Series.

Other mounts may claim this capability but in practice the ASA DDM’s actually get there, no other product actually achieves this. This mount is highly recommended for all high end & ultra advanced astronomy installations where the highest capability is required.

This new design based on ASA’s 15 years of experience with Direct Drive systems. The ASA DDM Series places you the user as ready for the most demanding situations in pointing and tracking performance.

Load capacity of 500kg / 1,100lbs on a polar wedge.

To achieve the excellent tracking and pointing performance ASA Direct Drive systems are equipped with high resolution up to 28 bit (0.004 arcsecond) encoders on each axis, directly embedded into the electrical windings of the ultra high quality electric motors on the mounts RA & Dec axes.

The second aspect of this control accuracy is the unique software which is a major development in unguided drive technology and unique to ASA. After modelling the pointing with the ASA software package, the positioning error is way better than 5 arcseconds, the tracking performance is in the range of +/- 0.25 arcsec up to 10 minutes.

The ASA DDM500 is an absolute must for usage for any entry into any kinds of research work, including astronomical observation and satellite tracking.

Customers using ASA DDM systems are able to forget how to guide, as they will simply using this system never need to do it again. We have dozens of customers that continuously tell us how relieved they are to be able to perform advanced astroimaging without guiding with their ASA DDM’s. Indeed many standard enthusiastic amateur astronomy customers (no you do not need to be a pro astronomer to run this system) have become so happy with their operational capabilities of their ASA DDM’s that they have sold their old worm and wheel mounts and purchased additional multiple ASA DDM mounts as they find it is so much easier to use than what they have used/ experienced before.

Plus users are also able to operate the ASA DDM’s remotely as they are super easy to operate. Many high end Equatorial mounts control logic & software is more than merely complex, with most having a usage requirement that makes the user regard that they needed a doctorate in mathematics merely to operate the control system in the mount – not so with the ASA DDM, if you can run Windows on your PC and operate the most basic Windows application you already have the capability to run the ASA software which controls the DDM mount.

Basic equipment:

  • Mount capacity 500 Kg
  • ASA control software
  • ASA controller box
  • Counterweight small
  • Counterweight large
  • Counterweight shaft
  • Telescope mounting plate
  • Power cord
  • Internal cable pipe
  • Power supply


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