Skywatcher Laser Collimator – 1.25″/ 2″

$99.00 inc GST


Works with all reflector telescopes.

Fits all 1.25 inch & also 2 inch focusers (using included 2 inch adaptor).

An absolute MUST for every Reflecting telescope owner – enables you to correctly align your telescope’s optics.

Adjustable brightness laser has seven different settings.

Includes convenient cross hairs to aid in alignment procedure.

Get the best performance from your reflector telescope !


Do you own a reflector telescope? Particularly a Newtonian reflector, if so you simply MUST get a laser collimator.

Occasionally you must re-align the optics in a process called collimation.

It’s just like tuning a guitar – only you’re tuning your optics!

While it is a relatively easy process, it’s also one that requires some precision to be done correctly. Rather than take a chance at “eyeballing” your mirror alignment, there’s a tool that helps – the Skywatcher Laser Collimator! The Skywatcher Laser Collimator directly fits straight into your 1.25″ & also your 2″ telescope’s focuser.

With your primary mirror center marked, you just turn it on and align the beams by adjusting the “tilt” of the adjustable lens cell. It’s easy and there are crosshairs to help guide you.

Once your optics are properly aligned, you’ll notice it in your telescope’s performance. Stars will become pinpoint sharp and the image quality becomes the best it can be!


Skywatcher 1.25″/2″ Laser Collimator Features…

* Adjustable laser beam has seven different brightness settings

* Convenient crosshairs help guide you to perfect adjustment

* Can be used on any telescope with an adjustable lens cell

* Get the best performance from your telescope possible!


Skywatcher Laser Collimator Specifications…

Equipment Type : Laser Collimator

Equipment Application : Newtonian Reflector

Telescopes Size : 1.25″

Laser : Variable Power 0-7 Settings

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions22 × 10 × 8 cm