Sky Rover ULT 80 ED Glass Triplet 80mm APO Refractor Telescope

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Why get William Optics with Chinese optics (they’re 100% Chinese made) when you can get a much better telescope here with premium Japanese optics with a better focuser, and get supply right now – immediately. Or wait in excess of a year to get a Takahashi (and pay too much) when you can get the same optical quality with a sky Rover straight away.

ADVANCED LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae & galaxies.

Do you want to actually see detail in visual astronomy, do you want to do astrophotography (now or at some stage in the future ?)   If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you need to get a better telescope with premium Japanese ED Glass optics.

Do you want to see the Cassini Division INSIDE Saturn’s rings & the Great Red Spot on Jupiter ?

Do you wish to avoid spending – hour upon hour upon hour – ongoing – post processing your astroimages in your computer trying to get rid of poor Signal to Noise performance.   If so you must consider selecting better quality optics, and these premier quality Japanese ED Glass optics are available in the premium Sky Rover series of telescopes.

Note: but – you are buying direct from the designer & manufacturer here, so the prices will surprise you (yes you can get these same optics in some of the famous brand names, but you have to pay these brand names “on costs” thereby the price is higher).

The Sky Rover’s use premium optics manufactured by the best opticians in the world, the Japanese. Using premier ED Glass. Chinese telescopes are terrific, but they’re for beginner & intermediate astronomy, and for astrophotography they simply do not offer the obligatory level required of sharpness, detail, contrast and clarity.

Some Chinese telescopes claim they use (partly) Japanese ED Glass, but they include a “single” Japanese ED Glass lens element, and the other lens elements & lens cell are Chinese, so they’re not comparable against the fully Japanese ED Glass lens set & lens cell system in the Sky Rover’s. It’s like putting cheap $100 (each) tyres on a Porsche 911, would you actually consider this ?

PLUS you actually ACHIEVE the #1 magic word in astronomy – RESOLUTION – that is obligatory to achievement in the eyepiece and onto your camera’s chip.

Simply put the Japanese premier ED optics in the Sky Rover’s achieve !! It’s all about the glass, always has been, and always will be.

You deserve a better telescope.


Sky Rover ULT 80 ED Glass Triplet 80mm APO Refractor Telescope

In stock. Immediate shipment nationally or pickup available.

ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced & Professional users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae & galaxies.

Premier Japanese Triplet “ED” Extra Dispersion glass lens – PLUS – latest design 2.5 inch Ultra Smooth dual speed focuser.

Are you ready for sublime premium astronomy & advanced astroimaging.

Just an exceptional telescope, simple as that! An absolute a joy to use. You will be delighted with the details you can achieve through this exotic APO 80mm, fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually and for astro imaging.

When it comes to world’s best practise refractor telescopes, the Sky Rover ULT 80 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope is unbeatable. It features a Premium Quality Japanese ED Glass Triplet air-spaced objective lens. Custom hand crafted by Japanese masters using the highest quality Premium Japanese ED Extra Dispersion glass. This scope is exceptionally sharp and features exceptional colour correction, outstanding contrast and razor-sharp resolution. An outstanding system for astrophotography.

Among its features, the Sky Rover ULT 80 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope utilises a new ultra-smooth 2.5″ superb Premium Rack & Pinion Dual Speed focuser: a treat to use during astrophotography. No more image shift!  An extra-heavy duty state of the art focuser with large aluminium knobs. The Sky Rover ULT 80 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope includes a fully graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

With its mid range 80mm objective, the Sky Rover ULT 80 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope is a very compact & robust manufactured unit. The focuser is extra strong with a premium dual-speed microfocus capability. Aside from the simply beautiful fitment and finish, the ULT 80 includes a United Optics (Kunming) made tube unit, including mounting ring set and powder-coated white CNC-machined aluminum tube, retractable dewshield with premium screw on dewshield cap.

The ULT 80 APO Refractor Telescope is pure quality from the highly precise CNC machined lens cell to the solid United Optics CNC-machined mounting rings. Also included is a 2″ and 1.25″ adapter with brass anti-marring compression rings. You also have a 2-year warranty.

Sky Rover ULT 80 ED Glass Triplet APO Refractor Telescope Features…

* This scope features a custom engineered 80mm f6 Japanese grand master hand crafted ED Glass Triplet Apochromatic lens. It is exceptionally sharp and has a class leading colour correction with outstanding resolution – an ideal selection for demanding astrophotography.

* Precision optics with Premium Multi coatings, including design by a global leading telescope design engineer featuring Premium Japanese ED Extra Dispersion glass.

* Extra-smooth new design custom United Optics (Kunming) 2.5 inch focuser with dual speed control: a wonderful feature to use.

* Exceptional United Optics (Kunming) tube unit. Premium quality powder-coated white CNC-machined aluminium tube, retractable dewshield and dewshield cap.

* Stainless steel United Optics reinforced inserts on both sides and on the back to allow heavy loads without problems.

Supply includes:

* Telescope Optical tube assembly

* Solid CNC-machined United Optics tube rings

* Solid CNC-machined United Optics dovetail


* Finderscope foot for tube assembly – connection to standard Stellarvue, Vixen, Saxon, Skywatcher & Celestron finderscopes

* Star Diagonal – 2 inch size premium quality Dielectric 99% reflectivity is strongly recommended for use with this telescope please

* Eyepieces – 60 Degree wide angle recommended for use with this system please – usage all the way to and including 2.3mm Saxon WA eyepieces produces a pin sharp image

* Field Flattener Reducer exceptional quality 2 inch 0.8X

* 48mm T Mount available (suit Canon or Nikon)

* Full range of Eq mounts available – recommended are: Saxon EQ5 Pro, Saxon HEq5 Pro, Saxon NEq6 Pro, Saxon AZ-Eq6 Pro or even better an ASA Astrosysteme Austria DDM 100

* Full range of exceptional quality premium wide angle eyepieces & diagonals available on application

* Full range of filters for visual & astroimaging also available on request

* Camera CCD – QHY & FLI (Finger Lakes Instruments) sensational full range of magnificent CCD’s

Sky Rover ULT 80 ED Glass Triplet APO Refractor Telescope Specifications…

i. Optics:

Clear Aperture : 80mm

Focal Ratio : f6

Focal Length : 480mm

Objective Type : Triplet ED Extra Dispersion glass 3 Element air spaced

Optical quality – Outstanding 0.15 – 0.17 wave P/V (1/6 wave P/V double pass – which is 0.94 Strehl) – exceptional quality enabling superior resolution – the same class of performance as the exotica level telescopes which are 6 months to 3 years availability, and mostly priced at double this price

Resolving Power : 0.83″

Limiting Magnitude : 11.8

ii. Tube set:

Tube: United Optics (Kunming)

Lens Shade : Retractable

Tube coating : Powdercoat Pearl white

iii. Focuser:

Focuser : New design United Optics (Kunming) 2.5″Solid CNC-machined mounting rings included

Camera-angle Adjuster 1.25″ Adapter

Included 1.25″ Adapter Brass

Compression Rings

iv. System:

Tube Weight : For astroimaging an advanced latest design & lowest mass weight is obligatory – this 80mm class telescope fits this perfectly with a class leading mass of 3.5kg

Shipment package : 56 X 22 X 20 cm, 5.5 Kg

v. Option:

* Field Flattener Reducer 0.8X for advanced astroimaging – taking this for astroimaging to an “f” ratio to a class leading super  fast f4.8 !!

Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 24 cm