Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope

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ADVANCED LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae & galaxies.

Do you want to actually see detail in visual astronomy, do you want to do astrophotography (now or at some stage in the future ?)   If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you need to get a better telescope with premium Japanese ED Glass optics.

Do you want to see the Cassini Division INSIDE Saturn’s rings & the Great Red Spot on Jupiter ?

Do you wish to avoid spending – hour upon hour upon hour – ongoing – post processing your astroimages in your computer trying to get rid of poor Signal to Noise performance.   If so you must consider selecting better quality optics, and these premier quality Japanese ED Glass optics are available in the premium Sky Rover series of telescopes.

Note: but – you are buying direct from the designer & manufacturer here, so the prices will surprise you (yes you can get these same optics in some of the famous brand names, but you have to pay these brand names “on costs” thereby the price is higher).

The Sky Rover’s use premium optics manufactured by the best opticians in the world, the Japanese. Using premier ED Glass. Chinese telescopes are terrific, but they’re for beginner & intermediate astronomy, and for astrophotography they simply do not offer the obligatory level required of sharpness, detail, contrast and clarity.

Some Chinese telescopes claim they use (partly) Japanese ED Glass, but they include a “single” Japanese ED Glass lens element, and the other lens elements & lens cell are Chinese, so they’re not comparable against the fully Japanese ED Glass lens set & lens cell system in the Sky Rover’s. It’s like putting cheap $100 (each) tyres on a Porsche 911, would you actually consider this ?

PLUS you actually ACHIEVE the #1 magic word in astronomy – RESOLUTION – that is obligatory to achievement in the eyepiece and onto your camera’s chip.

Simply put the Japanese premier ED optics in the Sky Rover’s achieve !! It’s all about the glass, always has been, and always will be.

You deserve a better telescope.


ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced & Professional users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae & galaxies.

Looking for something really special !! Are you ready for sublime premium astronomy & advanced astroimaging.

Just an exceptional telescope, simple as that ! An absolute a joy to use. You will be delighted with the details you can achieve through this exotic ED Extra Dispersion Glass Super APO 130mm, fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually and for astro imaging.

When it comes to world’s best practise refractor telescopes, the Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope is unbeatable. It features a Premium Quality Japanese triplet air-spaced objective lens. Custom hand crafted by Japanese grand masters using the highest quality Premium Japanese ED glass.

This telescope is also an outstanding system for astrophotography, also available is an optional 0.8X 4 element 70mm clear aperture ED Glass reducer flattener enabling advanced pro level astroimaging to be achieved with either DSLR or extra performance CCD systems.

Among its features, the Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope utilises an ultra-smooth United Optics 4″ superb Premium Rack & Pinion Dual Speed focuser: a treat to use during astrophotography. No more image shift! It rotates in a full 360 degree… an extra-heavy duty state of the art unit with large aluminium knobs. The Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope includes a fully graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Despite its large 130mm objective, the Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope is still a very compact & robust manufactured unit. The focuser is extra strong with a premium dual-speed microfocus capability. Aside from the simply beautiful fitment and finish, the ULT 130 includes a United Optics (Kunming) made tube unit, including mounting ring set and powder-coated white CNC-machined aluminum tube, retractable dewshield with premium screw on dewshield cap. Plus United Optics precision anodized 360 degree rotatable rack & pinion focuser.

The Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope is pure quality from the highly precise CNC machined lens cell to the solid United Optics CNC-machined mounting rings. Also included is a 2″ and 1.25″ adapter with brass anti-marring compression rings. You also have a 2-year warranty.

Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope Features…

* This scope features a custom engineered 130mm f7 Japanese master hand crafted Triplet ED Super APO Apochromatic lens. It is exceptionally sharp and has a class leading colour correction with outstanding resolution – an ideal selection for demanding astrophotography.

* Precision optics with Premium Multi coatings, including design by a global leading telescope design engineer featuring Premium Japanese exotic ED glass.

* Extra-smooth United Optics custom made 4 inch focuser with dual speed control: a wonderful feature to use.

* Exceptional United Optics (Kunming) tube unit. Premium quality powder-coated white CNC-machined aluminium tube, retractable dewshield and dewshield cap.

* Stainless steel United Optics reinforced inserts on both sides and on the back to allow heavy loads without problems.

Supply includes:

* Solid CNC-machined United Optics tube rings

* Vixen type dovetail


* Flattener Reducer 4 element ED Glass 70mm clear aperture 0.8X (direct connects to 48mm thread for DSLR & CCD connectivity)

* 48mm T Mount available (suit Canon or Nikon)

* Finderscope foot for OTA to mount up standard finderscopes

* Full range of Eq mounts available – recommended are: Saxon NEq6 Pro, Saxon AZ-Eq6 Pro or even better an ASA Astrosysteme Austria DDM 100

* Full range of exceptional quality premium wide angle eyepieces & diagonals available on application

* Full range of filters for visual & astroimaging also available on request

* Camera CCD – QHY & also FLI (Finger Lakes Instruments) sensational full range of magnificent CCD’s

Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope Specifications…

i. Optics:

Clear Aperture : 130mm

Focal Ratio : f7

Focal Length : 920mm

Objective Type : Triplet Super APO ED Glass 3 Element air spaced

Lens: Custom Japanese specialist hand crafted

Optical quality – Outstanding 0.15 – 0.17 wave P/V (1/6 wave P/V double pass – which is 0.94 Strehl) – exceptional quality enabling superior resolution Resolving Power : 0.88″

Limiting Magnitude : 14.6

ii. Tube set:

Tube: United Optics (Kunming)

Lens Shade : Retractable

Tube coating : Powdercoat Pearl white

Tube Diameter : 177mm (dewcap)

Tube Length : 970mm extended

iii. Focuser:

Focuser : United Optics (Kunming)

4″Solid CNC-machined mounting rings included

Camera-angle Adjuster 1.25″

Adapter Included 1.25″ Adapter

Brass Compression Rings

iv. System:

Tube Weight : 9.7kg

Shipment package : 34 X 32 X 92 cm, 18 Kg

v. Option:

* Flattener Reducer 0.8X for advanced astroimaging

Note: Imaging Circle Diameter with Reducer Flattener fitted is 42mm and Back focus is 54.8mm

Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 34 × 32 × 92 cm

1 review for Sky Rover ULT 130 ED Glass 130mm Triplet Super APO Refractor Telescope

  1. David West

    I have had this telescope for a while now, and thought it appropriate to provide my feedback.
    I am an American expat working here for a while (yet again). I have been involved in a senior capacity in the Astronomical Society of America for over three decades.
    I visited the joint astronomical societies major star party in NSW last year and had the pleasure of viewing through a range of large aperture triplet APO’s. This was the opportunity I sought as I wanted to check out a few options as I was in the market for a large APO Triplet refractor.
    The four telescopes that were all set up near each other that I viewed through were an APM LZOS 130, an Astro Physics NASA 130, a brand new Takahashi TOA130 and a six month old Sky Rover 130.
    I had my own eyepieces that I had brought with my from home in LA, and I asked if I would be able to use them in the telescopes to attest to their capability, all four owners were happy to do this, as the eyepieces I had were of interest to them.
    I went back and forth between all four telescopes, the differences in performance were extremely minor (at best), the performance was so close that there was little to actually talk about here. However when it got to the costing for the telescopes this is where a variance resides.
    The owners of the APM LZOS, AP & Takahashi were all very proud of their purchases, as they should be. However it is the Sky Rover that caused the greatest discussion, as this telescope was owned by the vice president of the Astro Soc of NSW, and he had bought it as he had heard from other people that the Sky Rover’s were a great buy and that optically they were basically identical to the others anyway, but much better priced as you were buying direct here from the designer of this telescope series (no middlemen). I must admit I concur with his findings. I could not see any difference in performance of significance between the Sky Rover and the other telescopes. The optical quality and capability between the Sky Rover and the telescope directly next to it, the Takahashi TOA130 was basically incapable of finding any variance. Even to my highly experienced eyes. They were optically identical.
    It is of note that the Takahashi did have a Feathertouch focuser upgrade which its owner stated was basically obligatory as Takahashi’s standard focuser is not up to the quality of the focuser on the Sky Rover or the APM LZOS (The AP does have an old focuser which I accept is dated and not in the same class as the Feathertouch on the Takahashi & APM LZOS) or the 4 inch focuser on the Sky Rover.
    I was impressed enough in the Sky Rover to make the decision to enquire into the unit with the designer and creator of this model and range in Melbourne. I spoke to him more than once, and at significant length about the telescope. He doesn’t make a lot of this model, as most people do not fund a 130mm size due to cost. Most of the volume in the Sky Rover’s goes into the 115 Triplet APO that he makes, and this I am aware is popular as there were three of these at the same star party, and I talked to all three owners who were all delighted with their SR115 telescopes.
    I did get one person that was very critical of the Sky Rover’s and in particular of the designer in Melbourne. His criticism was of interest to me as a potential buyer I wanted to know exactly what the issue was. I was engaged in a discussion in which four people participated, and once it concluded two of the participants came to me privately and advised me that it was what you Aussies call “tall poppy”. This is where someone with a capability that is unusual and at a higher plane than many others actually gets “criticised” here in Australia, most interesting. I pressed them on this matter and they both knew the Sky Rover guy in Melbourne and both attested that he gets a level of this so called “tall poppy” in Australia, this is basically jealousy 
    I assured them and also all the readers here that this stuff DOESN’T HAPPEN in the States where people with such capabilities that actually go the extra mile and design telescopes (such as Al Nagler – who I know personally) and also Yuri Petrunin at TEC are applauded in my country. So very very sad and unnecessary that you guys are so critical of those that go the extra mile and do something exceptional and thereby create an opportunity that ono one else has available. With respect you guys should learn to behave, it makes you guys look like fools. I am deliberately including this in this data, as I reviewed this matter personally with the Sky Rover guy and he was so open and accepting of this, he shouldn’t have to put up with such crap !
    My decision – I decided to go over the technical stuff with the Sky Rover guy in Melbourne, and in very significant mechanical and optical physics detail (professionally I am a professor of physics). I was impressed enough with his technical ability and also with the telescope to take the next step and purchase one. I am pleased to say I am very very happy.
    I would personally rank this telescope as directly comparable optically to the Takahashi and also the APM LZOS, the AP is a little behind but people that know this scope will understand this. It is a little dated, but still a great telescope.
    I have been using the Sky Rover 130 for detailed high power visual, and also for advanced astroimaging (with its 0.8X Reducer Flattener) with a FLI cooled CCD. I am delighted with the results.
    Thank you Astronomy Alive for enabling me to procure what I regard as one of the finest telescopes in my personal collection (and I have very many). Plus also an excellent mechanical and optical instrument up there with the best on the market anywhere globally.
    With thanks,
    David West,
    Los Angeles, USA (on assignment in Australia).

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