Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet 115mm APO Refractor Telescope

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ADVANCED LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae & galaxies.

Do you want to actually see detail in visual astronomy, do you want to do astrophotography (now or at some stage in the future ?)   If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you need to get a better telescope with premium Japanese ED Glass optics.

Do you want to see the Cassini Division INSIDE Saturn’s rings & the Great Red Spot on Jupiter ?

Do you wish to avoid spending – hour upon hour upon hour – ongoing – post processing your astroimages in your computer trying to get rid of poor Signal to Noise performance.   If so you must consider selecting better quality optics, and these premier quality Japanese ED Glass optics are available in the premium Sky Rover series of telescopes.

Note: but – you are buying direct from the designer & manufacturer here, so the prices will surprise you (yes you can get these same optics in some of the famous brand names, but you have to pay these brand names “on costs” thereby the price is higher).

The Sky Rover’s use premium optics manufactured by the best opticians in the world, the Japanese. Using premier ED Glass. Chinese telescopes are terrific, but they’re for beginner & intermediate astronomy, and for astrophotography they simply do not offer the obligatory level required of sharpness, detail, contrast and clarity.

Some Chinese telescopes claim they use (partly) Japanese ED Glass, but they include a “single” Japanese ED Glass lens element, and the other lens elements & lens cell are Chinese, so they’re not comparable against the fully Japanese ED Glass lens set & lens cell system in the Sky Rover’s. It’s like putting cheap $100 (each) tyres on a Porsche 911, would you actually consider this ?

PLUS you actually ACHIEVE the #1 magic word in astronomy – RESOLUTION – that is obligatory to achievement in the eyepiece and onto your camera’s chip.

Simply put the Japanese premier ED optics in the Sky Rover’s achieve !! It’s all about the glass, always has been, and always will be.

You deserve a better telescope.


ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL LEVEL TELESCOPE – Exceptional quality telescope for Advanced & Professional users. Exceptional performance for those that wish to achieve everything. Sublime performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae & galaxies.

Premier Japanese Triplet “ED” Extra Dispersion glass lens – PLUS – latest design 3 inch Ultra Smooth dual speed focuser.

Are you ready for sublime premium astronomy & advanced astroimaging.

Just an exceptional telescope, simple as that! An absolute a joy to use. You will be delighted with the details you can achieve through this exotic APO 115mm, fine details of DSOs, stunning resolution both visually and for astro imaging.

When it comes to world’s best practise refractor telescopes, the Sky Rover ULT 115 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope is unbeatable. It features a Premium Quality Japanese ED Glass Triplet air-spaced objective lens. Custom hand crafted by Japanese master opticians using the highest quality Premium Japanese ED Extra Dispersion glass. This scope is exceptionally sharp and features exceptional colour correction, outstanding contrast and razor-sharp resolution. An outstanding system for astrophotography.

Among its features, the Sky Rover ULT 115 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope utilises a new ultra-smooth 3″ superb Premium Rack & Pinion Dual Speed focuser: a treat to use during astrophotography. No more image shift! It rotates in a full 360 degree… an extra-heavy duty state of the art unit with large aluminium knobs. The Sky Rover ULT 115 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope includes a fully graduated scale for precise camera alignment.

Despite its large 115mm objective, the Sky Rover ULT 115 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope is still a very compact & robust manufactured unit. The focuser is extra strong with a premium dual-speed microfocus capability. Aside from the simply beautiful fitment and finish, the ULT 115 includes a United Optics (Kunming) made tube unit, including mounting ring set and powder-coated white CNC-machined aluminum tube, retractable dewshield with premium screw on dewshield cap. Plus United Optics precision anodized 360 degree rotatable Rack & Pinion focuser.

The ULT 115 APO Refractor Telescope is pure quality from the highly precise CNC machined lens cell to the solid United Optics CNC-machined mounting rings. Also included is a 2″ and 1.25″ adapter with brass anti-marring compression rings. You also have a 2-year warranty.

Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet APO Refractor Telescope Features…

* This scope features a custom engineered 115mm f7 Japanese master hand crafted ED Glass Triplet Apochromatic lens. It is exceptionally sharp and has a class leading colour correction with outstanding resolution – an ideal selection for demanding astrophotography.

* Precision optics with Premium Multi coatings, including design by a global leading telescope design engineer featuring Premium Japanese ED Extra Dispersion glass.

* Extra-smooth new design custom United Optics (Kunming) 3 inch focuser rack & pinion with dual speed control: a wonderful feature to use.

* Exceptional United Optics (Kunming) tube unit. Premium quality powder-coated white CNC-machined aluminium tube, retractable dewshield and dewshield cap.

* Stainless steel United Optics reinforced inserts on both sides and on the back to allow heavy loads without problems.

Supply includes:

* Telescope Optical tube assembly

* Solid CNC-machined United Optics tube rings

* Solid CNC-machined United Optics dovetail


* Finderscope foot for tube assembly – connection to standard Officina Stellare, Vixen, Saxon, Skywatcher & Celestron finderscopes

* Star Diagonal – 2 inch size premium quality Dielectric 99% reflectivity is strongly recommended for use with this telescope please

* Eyepieces – 68 Degree wide angle recommended for use with this system please – usage all the way to and including 3.5mm Saxon WA eyepieces produces a pin sharp image

* Field Flattener Reducer exceptional quality full size 68mm 0.8X

* 42mm (Standard) or 48mm (use with reducer flattener) T Mount available (suit Canon or Nikon)

* Full range of Eq mounts available – recommended are: Saxon HEQ5 Pro, Saxon NEq6 Pro, Saxon AZ-Eq6 Pro or even better an ASA Astrosysteme Austria DDM 100

* Full range of exceptional quality premium wide angle eyepieces & diagonals available on application

* Full range of filters for visual & astroimaging also available on request

* Camera CCD – QHY & FLI (Finger Lakes Instruments) sensational full range of magnificent CCD’s

Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet APO Refractor Telescope Specifications…

i. Optics:

Clear Aperture : 115mm

Focal Ratio : f7

Focal Length : 805mm

Length of OTA with dew shield extended 835mm

Length of OTA with dewshield compressed 700mm

Objective Type : Triplet ED Extra Dispersion glass 3 Element air spaced

Optical quality – Outstanding 0.15 – 0.17 wave P/V (1/6 wave P/V double pass – which is 0.94 Strehl) – exceptional quality enabling superior resolution – the same class of performance as the exotica level telescopes which are 6 months to 3 years availability, and mostly priced at double this price

Resolving Power : 0.89″

Limiting Magnitude : 12.2

ii. Tube set:

Tube: United Optics (Kunming)

Lens Shade : Retractable

Tube coating : Powdercoat Pearl white

Tube Diameter : 162mm (dewcap)

Tube Length : 855mm extended

iii. Focuser:

Focuser : New design United Optics (Kunming) 3″Solid CNC-machined mounting rings included

Camera-angle Adjuster 1.25″ Adapter

Included 1.25″ Adapter Brass

Compression Rings

iv. System:

Tube Weight : For visual & astroimaging performance to be maximised the latest design & lowest mass weight is obligatory – this 115mm class telescope fits this perfectly with a class leading mass of 5.1kg. This low mass design is due to the latest design & exotica high strength low mass materials being used in construction

Shipment package : 80 X 32 X 26 cm, 8 Kg

v. Option:

* Field Flattener Reducer 0.8X for advanced astroimaging

Note: Imaging Circle Diameter with Reducer Flattener fitted is 42mm and Back focus is 54.8mm

For a review of the performance capability of this class of telescope please see –

Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 92 × 26 × 26 cm

10 reviews for Sky Rover ULT 115 ED Glass Triplet 115mm APO Refractor Telescope

  1. aa_webmin

    This is hardly an objective test but I was interested to see if I thought there was a difference between my new Sky Rover 115 F7 APO triplet and my, now sold, Skywatcher 100ED. The SW was a great scope, well built and gave great visual and photographic results. But was the move to a triplet worth it?

    Friday night was the first real chance I have had to use the scope. I had the usual (for me) alignment challenges with my HEQ5 Pro but once they were ironed out I turned to the moon. With a Baader Hyperion Zoom I was amazed. The clarity of the new triplet justified the cost for me. Flat – yes. CA – no. Colour fringing – No.The Canon ED glass, the dual speed focuser, the tube from United Optics were worth it for the experience alone.

    This is not a rebranded telescope from United Optics as suggested by one reviewer on IceInSpace. It was designed by Cris Ellis of Astronomy Alive in Melbourne. But then United Optics does make great tubes and other equipment for leading telescope manufacturers.

    I will take getting to know the new scope at a slow pace, trying to learn, step by step, how to get the best out of it.

    Thanks Cris Ellis from Astronomy Alive (no relationship of any sort). Thanks also Astro Pete of Brisbane (again no relationship of any sort) for the help given.

    So worth the change – Yes!
    (Posted on 27/07/2015)

  2. aa_webmin

    I have been doing astronomy for more than forty years. I have owned over a dozen telescopes, so I know quality and performance very well. I decided on this telescope as I have had a number of achromats and semi-apochromats in the past, major brands both Chinese, ED’s & Japanese including ED’s – which have all been quite capable, sure – but I wanted to upgrade to a higher spec telescope – something much much better. When I bought this I was sure I had bought a very capable telescope, but it was only in using this unit that I now can fully appreciate just how exceptional this telescope actually is.
    The optics are exceptional, they provide a sharpness, detail, contrast, clarity and magnification that I simply have not experienced to this level before, and I have seen through hundreds of excellent refractor’s including many APO’s (including many famous name triplets) over the decades.
    The quality in manufacturing from the excellent tube assembly and tube rings, to the extra smooth dual speed focuser and the simply exquisite optics in this telescope make this a purchase that has significantly surpassed my expectations.
    The supplier assisted me with a range of matching (and performance maximising) accessories and personal guidance that I have been unable to find elsewhere, and I am a very very happy customer.
    This telescope is as good as your expensive European, Japanese & American telescopes made by the best names in the global business. I should know – I have owned enough of them, and this telescope stands among the very best.
    Thank you for enabling me to purchase something that achieves everything that I seek, plus quite a bit more 🙂
    Plus thank you for a rare purchase experience from a true specialist and rare business owner.
    Cris – your optical experience and astronomy capability in assisting me are more than rare, they are unique.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,
    Alan Jardine, Queensland.
    (Posted on 31/07/2015)

  3. aa_webmin

    I have recently purchased and taken delivery of a Sky Rover 115 Apochromatic Refractor from Astronomy Alive in Melbourne. As this 115 is a new competitor in the telescope market in the “Apo” range I decided it would be a good idea to sky test the instrument by comparison with a similar telescope of known performance and quality. To that end the affable Mr. Brian Nordstrom obligingly partook in several evenings of observing. On the first evening the 115 was compared to his 90 Takahashi (one of the best telescopes that Takahashi have ever made) to determine the quality of the optics of the 115.

    On the second evening the 115 was compared to his 127 f8 Istar doublet refractor to asses the resolution of the 115. This second evening was primarily lunar observation concentrating on lunar detail. I will leave the comments regarding the quality and the performance of the telescope in the capable hands of Brian to ensure as fair and unbiased opinion as possible, but for now it is suffice to say that the 115 passed all testing to date with flying colours.
    First I wish to give my reasons for purchasing this telescope. I spent a considerable amount of time researching the various refractors available in the mid price range and, together with reference to the not inconsiderable body of expert and other opinion available on the performance of achromatic and apochromatic scopes, I determined that a triple element “fluorite” objective was my preferred option for both colour correction and performance. The 115 did this according to the designer of the telescope, namely Cris Ellis of Astronomy Alive who sells and guarantees the product. For those interested he purchases the objective elements from Japan, the focusers from the U.S. and the assembly together with the optical tube etc. is done in China at United Optics. A more than adequate description of the telescope can be found on the Astronomy Alive web site. Within this description is the Strehl ratio which is 0.94, an excellent ratio for any telescope and within the bounds of “believability” for a genuine quality fluorite refractor.

    Of the telescope itself it is an excellent example of optics and engineering and at a price that is most reasonable for the product. Compared to my Unitron 4 inch refractor of yester year it is several quantum leaps ahead in fit and finish. The complementing 4″ Crayford dual speed focuser adds to the experience of observing and the whole mechanism can be rotated 360 degrees on the telescope tube. The finder scope is attached to the focuser body which has the advantage of keeping the eyepiece and finder scope in the same position relative to one another. Of course the best optical performance can only be gained with the right accessories and to achieve that end I have complemented it with a quality diagonal and quality eyepieces to ensure the best possible results. Additionally the scope is mounted on a Skywatcher HEQ5.
    What a difference it is to enjoy the images that only a refractor can create and without any chromatic aberration. High magnification concentrated on the bright limb of the moon revealed no colour fringing which is surely the ultimate test. Stars are pin pricks of light right to the edge of the field of view with no distortion of the images. (This all occurred of course during very good seeing conditions.)

    The bonus of using such optics is the magnification that can be employed when the conditions are right. The other night Saturn was a dawdle at 230x, a sharp and beautiful image indeed, and if it had not been for some problem with the mounts tracking then over 300x would have been easily accommodated. In days gone by and in the old scale of measurement 50x per inch of aperture was the practical high end of magnification for a refractor. In comparison, and of course with the advantage of the superior eyepieces available today, that figure can safely be increased to 80x with this telescope, a 60% increase which is no mean feat.

    With the quality and resolution testing completed, the subject of Brian’s forthcoming report, it is now my intention to simply enjoy my return to visual astronomy and to take the 115 to its limits. If there is a negative to report of any consequence it has nothing to do with the optics and everything to do with “aging eyesight.” The great lesson here is that, contrary to advice received from one telescope supplier, with less than excellent vision the quality of the optics is everything. Aging eyesight really does need all the help it can get!
    In conclusion and for those most interested I find no difficulty in recommending the Sky Rover 115 Apochromatic Refractor, and personally I look forward to many nights of satisfied viewing, weather permitting. (Some things never change.)

    As a footnote I wish to take the opportunity to thank Cris Ellis of Astronomy Alive for his most excellent advice and service. Over the 50 years that I have orbited around amateur astronomy I have met many purveyors of telescopes and associated equipment, but none as qualified or as knowledgeable as Cris. He is the exact opposite to the “Type A” retail salesperson armed with the latest version of techno-speak, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    Brian Paine.
    Mandurah, Western Australia.
    June 23, 2014.
    (Posted on 8/01/2018)

  4. aa_webmin

    My Sky Rover refractor is excellent and I am getting to grips with the Equatorial Mount.
    With Mars conveniently on display from our eastern facing lounge room and deck, I have had quite a few reasonable views of the red planet: easily discernible as a sharp edged red disc through my 7mm and 4mm eyepieces and using my 2″ diagonal mirror (works well).
    David T
    (Posted on 21/08/2018)

  5. aa_webmin

    Hi Cris
    Scope and diagonal has landed safe and sound.
    Looks beautiful.
    Can’t wait to try it out.
    Kind regards
    Michael L, South Australia
    (Posted on 13/11/2018)

  6. aa_webmin

    Dear Cris,
    My apologies for taking so long to communicate with you.
    1. Upgrading to the Stellarvue Finderscope ( kindly facilitated by you ) proved to be an excellent move. It is magnificent…a min-telescope in its own right. Beautifully constructed; lovely optics !
    2. The Sky Rover 115 telescope is most impressive. I finally got around to using it in a more in-depth way upon our return from Adelaide a few weeks ago.
    Recently I enjoyed wonderful views of the moon’s surface a few days after the October full moon. I was able to take advantage of the penumbra area in the ” top corner ” : the topographical features were beautifully sculptured…lovely contrasts between dark and light areas.
    I felt as if I was Neil Armstrong about to land on the surface !!!
    3. Around that ” moon-viewing ” time I finally removed the plastic cover ( over the focusing knobs ). What a revelation it was to use the gold fine-adjustment focusing control. A really nice feature.
    Best wishes,
    David T, Adelaide(Posted on 20/11/2018)

  7. Stephen Mitchell

    Hi Cris,
    Thanks for your time the other evening demonstrating the SR.
    I am very happy with this unit, it has incredible clarity.
    We are currently on holiday at Separation Creek on The Great Ocean Road, the atmospheric conditions this evening are very good and the quality of this scope was well demonstrated !
    Thanks again for your assistance.

    Footnote by Astronomy Alive’s owner – Cris: Steve upgraded from an ED100 which he regarded as below his requirements. He wanted a level of “brilliance” in his viewing – ie: higher power, greater detail & a significant increase in resolution.

    We actioned a viewing session performed together – where we side by side tested the SR115 against his existing one month old ED100 system with the same eyepieces (Saxon Cielo). On session completion his decision was to purchase the Sky Rover 115.

    The SR115 achieved the level of quality in images that he required, whereas he found the ED100 blurry and not to his resolution & quality requirements.

    Specifically we targeted his nominated targets for the viewing – ie: the Jewel Box NGC4755, where the SR115 went higher in power than the ED100, but also this beautiful star cluster retained it’s “brilliance” in sharpness and detail at higher magnifications where the ED100 did not have this capability even at low magnification, the quality of the SR115’s Triplet APO lens was very evident here. The SR115 went to higher power and still retained this level of performance.

    We then moved onto the Trapezium in the Great Nebula of Orion M42, where the ED100 was unable to resolve the 5th or 6th stars in the Trapezium, whereas the SR115 enabled this to be actualised.

    Night sky seeing conditions were not all that great, the night sky air was turbulent and there was disruption with excess light due to a neighbour over the road moving in during the viewing session, thereby a constrant stream of deleterious excess light was experienced. Although this was in play the difference between the two systems was readily able to be attested to for Steve, and he purchased the new Sky Rover 115 system at completion of the viewing session.

    Steve thank you for your comments, a pleasure to assist you with an upgraded system. Clear skies.

  8. Martin W, Perth

    I managed to get two or three hours last night to put the scope to the test.
    Crystal clear images and pin sharp stars.
    Very pleased.

  9. Richard N, New South Wales

    Hey Chris!!
    FINALLY!!!!! I had my new scope out last night and WOW!!!!! What I was able to see so clearly just blew me away.
    Thanks so much for all your help.
    Star gazing has taken on a new and more exciting meaning for me.
    Clear Skies!!!

  10. glenn alford

    Having just finished work late last year, now in lock down restrictions in Melbourne. With limited activities, I decided to look into astronomy and astrophotography. One needs a good telescope and good trustworthy advise.

    Naturally looked on-line, surfed the net for a couple of weeks, researching and looking. The net can be good but so much on offer, and what is the right choice, I did favour a local purchase.Had limited response from some. Came across Astronomy Alive in Bentleigh. Found Cris very prompt with email responses, and detailed information provided. Competitive in price, against other retailers.

    My original budget was reasonably low with high expectations. Looked at cheaper packages, but always concerned that the equipment would not deliver. Cris gave me a number of options, along with his recommendations. Finally settled on the SkyRover 115 APO, with the HEq5 pro mount, along with some recommend accessories to get me started in Astophotography.

    Delivery of the equipment was sensational, along with assembly and explanation. All well beyond expectation, so really great service. The selected telescope and quality is exceptional, extremely sharp focus with plenty of fine adjustment available. I can see that it will for fill some great nights exploring the solar system and galaxies beyond. Have no trouble recommending.
    Again thanks Cris

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