Saxon CA007 Universal Digital Camera Bracket – 1.25″

$98.00 inc GST


Suitable for solar system imaging, bright deep space objects and terrestrial subjects. If you can see it in the viewfinder, you can photograph it!

The Saxon CA007 Universal Digital Camera Bracket connects to your telescope’s 1.25″ focuser/eyepiece arrangement and to your ordinary compact digital camera. When the two are mated up, just slide the arrangement together and you’re ready to begin photographing.

The Saxon CA007 Universal Digital Camera Adapter works for both astronomical and terrestrial subjects.

Including Saxon Australia 3 year warranty.


Would you like to use your average, every day family digital camera with your telescope?

Now you can with the Saxon Universal Digital Camera Bracket!

The Saxon CA007 Universal Digital Camera Bracket is an exceptionally convenient instrument to couple almost any brands of digital cameras, including those without a filter thread, with spotting scopes, astronomical telescopes and monocular for photographic use in no need of additional setup rings or attachments. How does it work? Hey! It’s easy! Simply attach one end of the bracket around your 1.25″ eyepiece/focuser arrangement. The other end fastens your digital camera into place and then simply loosen the center bolt and slide the camera home. Now, turn the camera on… focus… shoot! Yep.

Digital astrophotography of simple subjects can really be that easy!


Saxon CA007 Universal Digital Camera Adapter Bracket Features…

* Universal fitting for all telescopes which employ a 1.25″ focuser/eyepiece arrangement

* Universal fitting for all compact size digital cameras, such as your family uses!

* Does not require a filter thread

* Works with spotting scopes, monoculars and astronomical telescopes

* If you can see it in the viewfinder, you can photograph it with ease!

* Suitable for use with wildlife studies, nature shots and more….


Saxon Universal Digital Camera Bracket Specifications…

Equipment Type : Universal Camera Adapter

Bracket Size : 1.25″ (size 28mm – 45mm OD)

Telescope Application : All models which use a 1.25″ focuser

Camera Types : All compact models

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions33 × 12 × 8 cm