Saxon 909EQ2 Refractor Telescope

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Highly Recommended – Australia’s Favourite First Telescope.

Available in stock, limited stock available.

BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE TELESCOPE – Good quality introductory & Intermediate level telescope – Good performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars & star clusters – also excellent performer for terrestrial spotting – ie: birding, landscapes, sea views, etc.

An excellent choice for planetary and lunar viewing and also deep space viewing.

Well suited to the those that want to advance their astronomy faster (212% of the light of the 70mm model).

Also available Upgraded version of this telescope – including upgraded accessories set for maximum performance.

Includes Saxon Australia five year warranty.


BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE TELESCOPE – Good quality introductory & Intermediate level telescope – Good performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars & star clusters – also excellent performer for terrestrial spotting – ie: birding, landscapes, sea views, etc.

Available in stock, limited stock available.

Australia’s Favourite First Telescope – The Saxon 909EQ2 – 90mm Refracting Telescope System is a telescope for Beginner & also Intermediate level astronomy, it is an exceptional performer and wonderful value.

Note: The mount for this telescope is an “Astronomy Duty” Saxon Eq2 mount. You may find offers using a lower duty Az3 mount, which is incapable for astronomy – and suits exclusively low power “birding” applications – and fails to achieve the performance required for Astronomy.

Why is a refractor the preferred telescope for astronomy & terrestrial spotting applications ? It’s simple – a refractor telescope achieves the maximum amount of light from it’s optics to the eyepiece, whereas the reflector telescope has light losses, reflectivity losses and light scatter (from it’s mirrors) which doesn’t apply to a refractor. Thereby a reflector needs to be three times the optical size of the refractor to achieve the same brightness. Plus a refractor has sharper images & higher magnification as the maximum amount of light is concentrated from the lens to the eyepiece. If you talk to experienced members of any significant Astronomical Society you will find they may have started with a reflector, but after finding from experienced members that refractors outperform reflectors upgrade to a refractor fairly quickly. Finally a refractor enables astroimaging and an upright image so that terrestrial spotting work is also available to the user. An all round superior design.

Here you have a beautifully manufactured, 90mm aperture achromatic refractor that delivers bright, sharp views of both celestial and terrestrial subjects. At the business end you’ll find a quality, multi-coated lens housed in a steel body. With a 900mm focal length and f/10 focal ratio, you’ll be able to use higher magnifications to study the stars, the Moon and the planets with comfort.

Important data : Do you want a better quality telescope – one that enables detailed lunar & planetary viewing – plus increased capability in deep space performance – such as star clusters, nebulae, coloured stars and difficult to resolve double stars ? You have just found the best selection on the market. Higher capability & quality, increased magnification and detail over reflector telescopes to to & including a 152mm mirror size. Refractor telescopes are the preferred unit by most amateur astronomy enthusiasts as they provide sharper, crisper, higher magnification images, plus greater resolution (the key to telescope performance). The Saxon 909Eq2 also features an upright image capability thereby is usable for terrestrial spotting work (landscaping, whale watching, birding) and also astroimaging via direct connection to your camera (neither of these are capable with a standard reflector telescope).

You’ll enjoy the highest mountains on the Moon, as well as the deepest craters. Gaze in wonder as the four major moons of Jupiter waltz around the banded planet.

Behold the rings of Saturn and peek in on its largest moon – Titan. When Mars is near, you’ll see the polar cap. On dark nights, turn the Saxon 90mm refractor telescope towards the stars and you’ll be whisked away into bright star clusters, double stars & even nebulae! They’re all waiting on you…

Also turn the telescope to the horizon or nearest tree to see bids and their plumage in great detail, also whale watching where you will see up close and personal the whales breaching in all their glory.


Saxon 909EQ2 – 90mm Refractor Telescope System Features…

* 90 degree star diagonal provides upright images and viewing comfort – suits Astronomy – plus Terrestrial landscapes, birding and bay viewing as well

* Quality 6X30 optical finderscope makes acquiring a target easy.

* Standard 1.25″ rack and pinion focuser allows for adding a variety of optional accessories.

* Included accessory tray to keep your gear organised. You’ll appreciate the hefty EQ2 German equatorial mount and its ability to balance your telescope’s payload.

The slow motion cables will help you keep track of your subject matter. The included 6X30 finderscope with the Saxon 909EQ2 is a bonus, too… It’s like a small telescope which helps you locate your targets fast.

The 90 degree star diagonal produces upright images and aids your viewing comfort. What’s more, the standard 1.25″ focuser accepts a wide variety of eyepieces and optional accessories, too.

At 12 kgs, the Saxon 909EQ2 – 90mm Refractor Telescope System is an easy to handle package and one that will last through years of use!


Saxon 909EQ2 – 90mm Refractor Telescope System Specifications…

Optical Design : Achromatic Refractor

Lens Material : Optical Lens

Diameter : 90mm

Focal Length : 900mm

F/ratio : F/10

Highest Practical

Power : 180x

Faintest Stellar

Magnitude : 12.5

Resolving Power : 1.3

Finderscope : 6×30

Finder Focuser diameter : 1.25″

Diagonal : 90 degree

Star Diagonal Eyepiece(s) : 1.25″ Super 25mm and 10mm

Mount Type : Equatorial 2

Slow-motion Control : Vertical & Horizontal

Piggyback Bracket : Yes

Accessory Tray : Wall-to-wall

Tube Weight : 2.49Kgs

Tube Dimension (dia. x length) : 9cm x 86.5cm

Tripod Height : 71-123cm

Shipping Weight : 14.5 Kgs

Shipping Carton Dimensions : 113 x 44 x 23 cm3

Warranty : 5 Year Limited

Additional information

Weight64 kg
Dimensions113 × 44 × 23 cm