Saxon 1021 EQ3 102mm Computerised GoTo Refractor Telescope

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INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED LEVEL TELESCOPE – Quality telescope for Intermediate & Advanced users. Higher performance for those that wish to achieve much more. Increased performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae and the bright galaxies.

Very Highly Recommended – Perfect for Intermediate & Advanced astronomy.

The Saxon 1021 EQ3 – 102mm “GoTo” Refractor Telescope System features a powerful 102mm high quality refractor telescope.

PLUS – Computerised Go To Automated operation using its on-board hand control with a 13,436 object database.

Supply includes Saxon Australia 5 year warranty.


INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED LEVEL TELESCOPE – Quality telescope for Intermediate & Advanced users. Higher performance for those that wish to achieve much more. Increased performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars, star clusters, globular star clusters, nebulae and the bright galaxies.

Do you want to buy a refractor telescope system that’s ideal for high-magnification studies of the Moon or planets? How about a telescope that takes you to your starry destination with push-button ease? Better yet, how about a telescope that keeps track of your object once you’re there? Then check out the Saxon 1021 EQ3 Computerised Refractor Telescope!

The Saxon 1021 EQ3 GoTo Refractor telescope starts off with a 102mm objective lens housed in an achromatic refractor design. It has a 1000mm focal length that operates at an f/9.8 focal ratio. This means you get high quality, multi-coated optics that produce clear bright images that can reach a limiting stellar magnitude of 12.7. The telescope has 28% more light gathering power than 90mm, 112% more than 70mm models. It is well suited to the advanced astronomer and perfect for intermediate levels. However, even the seasoned sky veteran can appreciate the colour correction and sharp images the Saxon EQ 1021 Eq3 102mm GoTo refractor telescope can achieve!

Saxon 1021 EQ3 – 102mm “Go To” Refractor Telescope System Features…

* Multi-coated optics for reduced glare and crisp, high quality images

* 6X30 optical finderscope for easy target acquisition

* Deluxe German equatorial mount with dual axis motorised drive and “GoTo” computer with 13,436 object database

* Smooth 2” rack and pinion focuser with 1.25” adapter

* Heavy duty adjustable aluminium tripod with accessory tray

* Included quality 10mm & 25mm eyepieces

* Image erect star diagonal for terrestrial viewing and angle comfort.


What can you see with the Saxon 100mm GoTo reflector telescope? You’ll be enchanted by the views of the Moon. Imagine peering into deep craters and climbing high mountains! How about looking at the planets? You’ll see the bands on Jupiter and watch its four major moons orbit. Saturn will reveal its ring system and Titan watches over it all. Mars will show the tiny pearls of its polar caps and dark surface features. Brilliant Venus will reveal its phases, while Neptune and Uranus show their softly colored orbs. Don’t forget deep sky objects! The Saxon 1021 EQ3 “GoTo” 100mm refractor telescope has the power to split a wide variety of double stars and resolve bright star clusters. You’ll be delighted with your views of shimmering nebula and distant galaxies! There’s a Cosmos just waiting to be explored…

The Saxon 1021 EQ3 – 102mm Computerised Refractor Telescope System is ready to go the moment it arrives at your door. Everything you need to begin your observations are right in the box. You’ll get the optical tube and a sturdy German equatorial mount. Connect that to the hefty, adjustable aluminium tripod and add the accessory tray. Now it’s time to align the “GoTo” computer, then use the hand controller to select from the 13,436 object database. Just place the 1.25” adapter into the generous 2” focuser, add any one of the three included eyepieces and go! The included 90 degree star diagonal will assist you with viewing angle comfort and all you need to do is add a starry night! Don’t forget… the Saxon 102mm computerised reflector telescope works equally well for terrestrial subjects, too!

Saxon 1021 EQ3 – 102mm Refracting Telescope System with “GoTo” Upgrade Specifications…

Optical Design : Achromatic Refractor

Diameter : 102mm

Focal Length : 1000mm

F/ratio : F/9.8

Highest Practical Power : 204x

Faintest Stellar Magnitude : 12.7

Resolving Power : 1.15

Finderscope : 6×30 Finder

Focuser diameter : 2″

Diagonal : 1.25″ 90 degree Star Diagonal

Eyepiece(s) : 1.25″ Super 25mm & 10mm

Mount Type : Equatorial Slow-motion

Control : RA & DEC

Counterweight(s) : Total 5.2Kgs (2 pcs)

Piggyback Bracket : Yes

Accessory Tray : Wall-to-wall

Motor Drive : Dual axis GoTo with 13,436 object database

Tube Weight : 3.48 Kgs

Tube Dimension (dia. x length) : 10cm x 94.3cm

Tripod Height : 71-123cm

Shipping Weight : 22.15Kgs

Shipping Carton Dimensions : 113 x 66 x 28 cm3

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 88 × 48 × 48 cm

2 reviews for Saxon 1021 EQ3 102mm Computerised GoTo Refractor Telescope

  1. aa_webmin

    The telescope is well made and easy to use. The optics are great, images are clear and sharp.
    I purchased this scope for a couple of reasons one being to use the telescope for photography. I have none of the specialist equipment other than my Canon 70D and I’m already impressed with how easy it is to get good shots.
    This is also my first telescope with computer controls and I love how easy and accurate the system is.
    I asked Cris for some advice about the telescopes that would achieve my goals within my budge and I am extremely happy with my purchase based around the information he gave me.
    Thanks very much Cris.
    (Posted on 26/04/2016)

  2. aa_webmin

    After a couple of frustrating nights we put the telescope to good use tonight. Starting with the moon, then Mars and then Saturn !
    It was the first time I’ve ever seen the rings “for real” and it was amazing!
    Dave was delighted and very surprised by his birthday present so thank you for your advice.
    Sue McPherson
    (Posted on 24/05/2016)

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