Nikon TM048 T-Mount for FX SLR 48mm Thread

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Designed specifically for use with Nikon Full Frame “FX” SLR cameras.

The Nikon TM048 T-Mount provides a direct connection between your Nikon FX Full Frame SLR camera and your telescope. Provides a direct connection between the Saxon 2 inch Full Frame SLR Camera adaptor and the Nikon bayonet mount fitting. The Nikon TM048 T-Mount is an essential part of the imaging train.

Includes five year Australian warranty.



About the Nikon TM048 T-Mount…

Almost all imaging equipment requires a special “ring” called a T-mount to connect your SLR camera.

This model was designed for Full Frame “FX” Nikon SLR cameras and provides a direct connection between your Camera adaptor and the Nikon bayonet mount fitting.


Nikon T-Mount Specifications…

Equipment Type : T-Mount

Size Nikon FX SLR 48mm thread

Equipment Application : Nikon Cameras for all “FX” Full Frame models

PLUS: Most Refracting telescope Reducer Flatteners – which also exclusively fit a 48mm T Mount and do not fit a standard 42mm unit.

Telescope Application : All Full Frame “FX” types and models

PLUS: Reducer flattener units for most triplet refracting telescope systems.

Model Number: TM048

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 4 cm