CFF Telescopes Premier 105mm Triplet Apochromatic Refractor

Price & Shipment on application.

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Not currently in production. Next batch yet to be planned for production by manufacturer. This is the only stock available of this product globally.

Looking for a premier APO Refractor, you have found what you should be placing on your list in your research, CFF’s fully oil spaced APO triplets.

This is a bespoke custom hand crafted exotica level triplet fully oil spaced APO refractor, it compares ONLY to Astro Physics, also CZJ’s APQ’s (if you can ever find one, they have not been manufacured since the mid 90’s) & the Sky Rover Reference series bespoke APO’s – only. Nothing else comes close.

Please feel free to call Cris to review, you will find our discussion of optical physics on Strehl 0.98+ APO’s illuminating, as the diference is very significant to ALL 0.94″s and lower Strehl APO’s.


Price & Shipment on application.

In stock.

Not currently in production. Next batch yet to be planned for production by manufacturer. This is the only stock available of this product globally.

CFF Telescopes are one of the world’s premier telescope manufacturers. They are a European manufacturer of the highest quality and capability.

CFF use only the highest grade optics with O’Hara FPL53 Premium ED Glass, O’Hara FPL55 Fluorite Glass, premium Schott Glass of Germany and CDGM Glass of Rochester New York. These glasses are among the best glass substrates available globally for any telescope application, and represent “State of the Art” capability and quality.

CFF are different from other manufacturers – in that CFF use an “Oil Spaced” optic lens process. This is not available in a fully oil spaced process from any other refractor manufacturer in the world.

Simply stated an oil spaced refractor provides superior performance to any other design. To understand this fully you should personally review this technology with our owner, Cris Ellis – who will review this technology in full detail.

CFF Refractors are also available with a range of focusers, including:

* 2.5 inch Moonlite

* 2.5 inch Starlight

* 3 inch Starlight

* 3.5 inch Starlight

These are the best focusers available globally, as this telescope deserves nothing but this premier focuser capability.

Astronomy Alive recommend the larger size Starlight Instruments Feathertouch focuser option as standard for these systems as this is without peer, the best focuser available to mankind. For this model this is the 3 inch Starlight Feathertouch unit.

Triplet APO Objective – oil-spaced:

– Minimum guaranteed Strehl of 0.96 (my personal unit is well in excess of 0.98, please call to review your application)

– Correction is done for 555nm – 560nm (human eye peak sensitivity)

– All our lenses are multi-coated. Transmission is 99.5% over visual spectrum.

– All lenses are aspheric type – include one aspherical surface

– Lens cell is collimatable via push/pull screws

– Lenses are oil spaced


– Tubing and adapters are machined from high quality aluminium alloy

– Tubing and adapters are anodized and/or powdercoated

– Standard back-focus is 180mm – focuser 3″ Starlight – 114mm travel – 2″ connection/ M82x1 thread for reducers and correctors

– Standard colour is white for tube and dewshield, black for their adapters

– Exceptional premier quality flightcase and CNC rings are included

Quality control:

– Every OTA is tested on interferometer, on artificial star and under night sky.

– Please note: The number of telescopes available is limited as each lens and OTA is handcrafted one at the time.


– Clear aperture – 105 mm

– Focal length – 630 mm

– Lenses in batch – 16

– Strehl of tested lenses – minimum .96 @532nm , typical .98

– Dimensions:

– Minimum Length – 495 mm

– Maximum Length – 605 mm

– Back-focus – 180 mm (other Back Focus possible)

– Tube diameter – 114 mm –

– Dewshield diameter – 144 mm

– Weight – 5.9 kgs , including rings (3″ FTF version)

Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions42 × 42 × 72 cm