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Trading Terms

Correcting Selection Errors by other suppliers / "On Selling" your gear to Upgrade your system

Our theme is "Do It Once - Do It Right", it's the only way to run a business with pride ! 

We find errors in selection by other suppliers at least once a week. The use of the internet to source telescopes has exploded, the increase in suppliers is massive. Even the longest serving suppliers who should know better make mistakes that make us cringe. Many call this "Bad Astronomy". There are many suppliers who make make it "look like" they know what they are doing through clever web design, but as merely "webpage developers" know very little if anything about telescopes - their selection capability is very limited to non existent.

Astronomy Alive offer a capability unique for our customers - "on application" - this is where we take the "incorrectly selected" gear & sell it for you at an "agreed" 2nd hand market rate, and provide the funds as a store credit against a sound and correct selection, one that actually works. We also to do this for customers who wish to "upgrade" to better gear as well.


Astronomy Alive include the Warranties of our manufacturer suppliers on every item we supply in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The Warranty covers the product for any manufacturing fault or defect for a period of 12 months. Where a longer Warranty period is specifically nominated for a product on our webpage the longer Warranty period applies. The Warranty applies from the original purchase date and applies to the original purchaser. It is the choice of the warranty holder to rectify, repair or replace the product in question.

Warranty is held by the following companies: Saxon in Melbourne, Skywatcher & Celestron in Sydney, Baader, Fujinon & Vortex in Brisbane, Officina Stellare in Italy, ASA Astrosysteme in Austria, Moonraker in England, Everwin in Taiwan, APM in Germany, FLI in USA, William Optics in Taiwan, United Optics in China, Nikon in Sydney, Canon in Melbourne, Astroboxes in Queensland, Astronomy Alive own hand crafted products in Melbourne, and others not named here please refer to Astronomy Alive for details. The Warranty does not cover for: transport damage, transport costs back to the warranty supplier from the purchaser, misuse, neglect, extreme temperature or humidity, normal wear and tear, incorrect use, and adjustment of factory settings. If you wish to process a Warranty claim initial contact is to be made with Astronomy Alive as the party who supplied the product. Astronomy Alive will advise the details of the appropriate contact personnel to enable the purchaser to process the Warranty claim with the manufacturer.

Caution: Be aware that some suppliers may claim to handle the warranty "Personally", this means they have likely "Third World"sourced the product (Grey or Parallel imported) and the Manufacturer's Warranty is VOID !!

Our Sensational Customers

We have thousands of delighted customers Australia wide, plus also in New Zealand. We also have many customers in the UK, Europe, Asia, the USA and some fabulous examples such as a world famous 5 Star hotel in the Maldive Islands, plus major local and global observatories, Universities and some of the most active and capable astronomy enthusiasts & professionals in the world.

Customer Service

We constantly receive the plaudits of our customers for our unparalleled capability to lead them through the minefield of optics selection. We are more than merely proud to offer this superior capability, it drives our leadership of the industry. Our customer service is simply First Class. Representing the most outstanding example of excellence in optics supply in Australia. We treat our customers with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Customers that receive our guidance gratefully, openly and honestly end up purchasing systems of exceptional capability at prices below competing suppliers offers.

Global Linkages

This capability is continuously enhanced via the exceptional support of over 35 specialist suppliers globally. Supplying a range of outstanding quality astronomy products, many of which are Exclusively available in Australia from Astronomy Alive.

We have outstanding relationships with many of the world's leaders in telescope engineering, manufacturing, design & technology. Plus exclusive distributorship arrangements with the best telescope manufacturers in the world - Officina Stellare of Italy, ASA Astro Systeme Austria of Austria, and APM Telescopes of Germany - whose products are simply incomparable.

Plus exceptional telescopes from United Optics - mainland Asia's best optical designers, engineers and manufacturers. Also Custom Hand Crafted polished aluminium refracting telescopes which are staggeringly beautiful from Moonraker Telescopes of the UK.

Returns Policy

We provide a Specialist Custom Selection to your personal specified requirements, and do not accept returns based merely on a "not needed/ wanted/ changed my mind" basis. We may accept a return for a further selection at our discretion. We may also accept a product return where a higher spec re selection is performed.