William Optics Dura Bright Dielectric Coated Diagonal 2 inch

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A 90° 2″mirror-type star diagonal with 1.25 inch adaptor.

Featuring ultra premium Dura-Bright 12mm thick mirror.

Plus Dielectric 99% reflectivity mirror coatings for highest contrast & resolution.


William Optics Dura Bright Dielectric Coated Diagonal 2 inch.

This 90° 2″mirror-type star diagonal has an ultra premium Dura-Bright 12mm thick mirror and Dielectric mirror coatings for 99% reflectivity which provides higher contrast and resolution during critical planetary, lunar and binary star observations. Dura-Bright features 100% full carbon fibre side plates that add that touch of class your scope deserves.

The WO 2″ Dura-Bright Diagonal was designed with several unique features to provide optimum performance and years of use.

Top-Notch Performance and brightness:

• Dielectric coating allows 99% reflectivity.

• High precision 12mm thick mirror substrate flat for optimal image stability.

• Polished to 1/12th wave accuracy*.

• Accurate design guarantees constant alignment. No further alignment needed.

Meticulous Craftsmanship:

• 2″ to 1.25″ eyepiece adapter included.

• Lock screw for eyepiece/adapter.

• Big, knurled thumbscrews are easy to turn even with gloves on.

• Threaded for 48mm Filters

Strikingly Beautiful:

• Patented, elegant design.

• High-quality machining out of the best aluminum.

• Internal anti reflection baffling for highest contrast.

• Real Carbon Fiber side plates

Superbly Constructed:

• Compression rings (both on diagonal and adapter) to prevent barrels from marring.

• Internal safety stop prevents 2″ barrels from hitting the mirror.

Option: SCT adapter:

• SCT ring makes your diagonal work on SCT telescopes as well!

Get one diagonal, use it on ANY telescope!

Why W.O. diagonals do not feature an Adjustable alignment system?

• Having an adjustable alignment system is an admission that the diagonal can go out of collimation due to poor mechanical construction.

• Thanks to the patented design of WO diagonals, you will always have a perfect aligned product from day one onwards, it’s as simple as that.


* Ultra High Dielectric 99% reflectivity.

* Precision 1/10 lambda surface with 12mm thickness mirror for best quality.

* 2″- 1.25″ adapter with brass clamping ring, includes an inside diameter of 48mm which is threaded to fit 2 inch filters.

* Weight : 630g

* Suitability – suits all premium, ultra premium and exotica level telescopes.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 cm


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