Skywatcher Dual Red Light Torch

$39.00 inc GST


Red light torch is mandatory at all Astronomy Society functions and a “must” for reading star charts or working with your telescope in the dark.

Premium Dual White LED & Red LED operation – with adjustable brightness adjustability.

The Red Light keeps the eye’s pupil fully dilated and allows for easy map reading, astrophotography sessions or assisting in your telescope’s operation without disturbing others.

Supply includes 9V battery.


When it comes to astronomy, nothing makes a group of observers more angry than white light.

Even a moment of white light can destroy your night vision for several minutes and even spoil an astrophotography session. Don’t be that person… get a Skywatcher Red Light Torch!

This voltage regulated, red LED flashlight enables your night vision with a protecting red light for map reading and telescope operation. Adjustable for brightness, it has an included 9 volt battery which provides up to 625 hours of operation.

This is one of the most basic pieces of astronomy equipment and should be required!


Skywatcher Red Flashlight Features…

* Adjustable brightness levels

* New Dual Colour model – White light & Red light operation

* LED (light emitting diode) operation for clear, crisp lighting and minimal power consumption

* Aids in map reading, telescope operation and more

* Provided 9V battery

* Up to 625 hours of operation on a single battery (depending on brightness level used)

* A “must” for all astronomy functions and a requirement for astronomy clubs

* Protects your night vision!


Skywatcher Red Light Torch Specifications…

Equipment Type : Red Light Torch

New Dual Colour model – White light & Red light operation

Adjustable Brightness : Yes

Bulb Type : LED

Power : 9V Battery

Battery Life : Up to 625 hours


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