Sky Rover 100 mm 45° APO ED Glass Extra Large Binoculars

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You have been waiting for a True Premium Binocular for years. These Sky Rover “ED” Apo binoculars are that product you have been waiting for !

Sky Rover 100 mm 45° APO ED Glass Extra Ultra Premium Large Binoculars

Exceptional quality fully corrected 2 Element ED Glass APO binocular with outstanding detail, contrast, resolution and quality.

Do these look familiar ? Similar (same) to other products you have been researching ? They should . Here you are getting them direct from the manufacturer, not via a European brander. Plus you are getting the top model, not a reduced quality model with lesser spec optics. These Sky Rover’s are exceptional.

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Sky Rover 100 mm 45° APO ED Glass Extra Large Binoculars

Sky Rover announce a breakthrough in binocular design and engineering.

You have been waiting for a True Premium Binocular for years, and other units you have considered simply do not achieve the performance – either mechanically or optically that you seek. Some binoculars give the impression of performance but do not compare with these Sky Rover units. These Sky Rover “ED” Apo binoculars deliver, as simple as that !

They are custom engineered by one of the best designers in the world. They feature construction and performance that is unavailable in any other product. This is a very exciting product, at last you have a true binocular gem, one that actually delivers !

Over the last 2 years Sky Rover Engineers have been developing what we regard as the world’s best binoculars. These are a new true Apochromatic binocular using the highest grade “ED” Extra Dispersion glass. They are a 100mm clear aperture with a 45° eyepiece angle design to enable maximum ease of use. They also feature 1.25“ interchangeable eyepiece capability, so you can run from low magnification to the highest magnification and retain the premium optical performance and capability that you have sought for decades, however been unable to achieve in any binocular before this unit.

The front of the Binocular houses an ultra premium air spaced doublet lens using “ED” glass, and at last achieving a full Apochromatic performance and capability. This binocular is made for very high power use. It is user friendly for use to above 100 magnifications, try this with any other binocular ! This binocular is a true Apo with no colour and extremely high quality spherical correction. It is splitting double stars and showing details on planets like a real 4″ doublet ED Apo, but the light gathering in this binocular is higher due 2 x 100 mm aperture and thanks to a outstanding high quality newest technology broadband multicoating. It enables detail in birding that are simply unavailable to any other binocular, plumage and detail that will surprise even the most fastidious and demanding users.

For landscape and whale watching you will feel like Jonah, so close you will feel you are on the whale itself. It accepts standard 1.25″ eyepieces with nebulae filters screwed in , even wide angle eyepieces. Sharpness with wide angle eyepieces is pin point to the edge of the view and the contrast is absolutely sensational.

Technical Specification:

* Weight excluding eyepieces, including tripod adapter: 6.6 kg (14.52 Lbs)

* Focal length: 550 mm

* Clear aperture without on-axis vignetting: 100 mm

* Interpupillary distance: 54mm to 75mm

* Body construction: Ultra Premium light weight magnesium body

* Length: 520mm

* Width: 270 mm

* Height: 145mm

* Dew shield OD: 124mm

* Dew shield ID: 120mm

* Lens: Doublet 2 element air spaced “ED”

* Lens material: Ultra Premium “ED” FPL53 glass

* Coatings: All optical surfaces are fully broad band multicoated

* Clear aperture: 23 mm at the eyepiece side

* Photo tripod adapter with standard universal 1/4 inch thread

* Transporting handle with target visor

* Optic 4 covers: 2 for lens and 2 for eyepieces

* Extentable dew shields

* Focusing: 1.25″ Ultra Smooth German Helical focuser with brass compression ring

Shipment package contains:

– Binocular 100 mm 45° with 4 covers

– Photo-Tripod Adapter with ¼ adaptor connection

– Transporting handle

– Eyepieces: 2 pcs = 1 Set 20 mm SWA eyepieces = 27 magnifications

NOTE: Please note this supply INCLUDES a premium resin foam cut hard case, this is not available with the European brand named option.


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