Saxon ED100 102mm Extra Dispersion Glass EQ3 Refractor Telescope system

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Highly Recommended – Saxon ED100 102mm Extra Dispersion Glass EQ3 Refractor Telescope system.

Premium Apochromatic refractor telescope design with a large 102mm lens size and a 900mm focal length.

Ideal for Advanced astronomy & highly popular globally for Astrophotography.

This system uses premium “ED” Extra Disperson FPL-53 glass.

Enabling maximised performance and minimized chromatic aberration, higher resolution & superior contrast.

Including Saxon Eq3 Heavy Duty Equatorial mount, the ideal companion for this excellent telescope.

Supply includes Saxon Australia 5 year Warranty.


Are you looking for an outstanding Advanced Astronomy premium refractor telescope that’s equally at home with optical use as well as astrophotography and photography applications?

Then check out the Saxon ED100 Refractor telescope!

The ED in Saxon ED100 stands for extra-low dispersion glass. This Saxon refractor telescope is crafted with one element made from ED FPL-53 glass – which means minimized chromatic aberrations and higher resolution with superior contrast.

The ED100 and its fully multi-coated optics produce crisp, bright images with no color fringing. No more annoying “purple haze” around your subject matter! This makes the Saxon ED100 an outstanding astrophotography tool and a high-performance visual instrument. The Saxon ED100 refractor telescope doesn’t stop at optical quality, though. It also features a backlash-free 2″ Crayford focuser.

This professional quality focuser is a smooth operator and comes standard with a 1.25″ adapter to allow for a wide variety of optional accessories. The focuser adjustment wheels come equipped with brushed aluminium hubs topped with ridged rubber grips for a positive handling experience. Set the focuser tension or lock it for imaging with the focus lock knob.

Saxon ED100 Refracting Telescope Features…

* Offered as an optical tube only for those who already have a mount and tripod

* Includes tube rings and dovetail with 1/4″ socket

* Fully multi-coated optics produce bright, high contrast images

* FPL-53 ED glass element for superior color correction

* 2″ aluminium Crayford focuser with 1.25″ adapter for a variety of accessory options

* Includes 25mm and 10mm eyepieces, image erect star diagonal, finderscope and bracket.

* Diffraction limited optical quality

What can you expect to see with a Saxon 100ED refractor telescope?

You’ll be delighted with sharp, high contrast views of the Moon – from its deepest craters to its tallest mountains. Jupiter will show its many surface bands and the circling Galiean moons. Saturn will reveal its ring system and Mars will have dark surface features when it’s close. Add an appropriate solar filter and you can explore ever-changing sunspots – or just be whisked away to the stars when you aim the Saxon ED100 towards bright star clusters. You’ll never forget your heavenly views of nebula, or your discovery of distant galaxies!

Don’t forget a refractor telescope works equally well on terrestrial subjects, too. Study a distant ship on the horizon, capture an elusive wild bird, or just study wildlife at a distance. The Saxon ED100 refracting telescope can also be used as a tele-photo lens or applied as an astrophotographer’s tool. It gives excellent performance for prime-focus astrophotography and charge coupled device or, “CCD” imaging.

The ED100 optical tube has a built-in 1/4″-20 plate for easy mounting, and includes tube rings. Additional accessories include a high-quality, image erect star diagonal, two eyepieces, finderscope and bracket.

Saxon ED100 Refracting Telescope Specifications…

Optical design : Refractor

Focuser : 2″ Crayford

Lens type : Extra low dispersion FPL-53

Optical diameter : 100mm

Focal length : 900mm Focal ratio: f/9

Optical coatings : Fully multi-coated

Eyepieces : 2@1.25″ – 25mm & 10mm

Star Diagonal : Included

Resolution : 1.6 arc second

Highest useful magnification : 236x

Limiting stellar magnitude: 12.5

Finderscope : Included with bracket

Warranty : 5 year limited

Saxon Eq3 Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount…

This high quality Equatorial mount direct connects to the Saxon ED100 Telescope in this excellent package to enable an outstanding selection to be available to you the customer.

The Saxon  Eq3 mount has controls for both conventional altitude (up-down) and azimuth (left-right) directions of motion. These two adjustments are suggested for large direction changes and for terrestrial viewing. The two azimuth adjustment knobs located near the tripod head allow fine-adjustment of azimuth for polar alignment. Use the altitude adjustment T-bolts for altitude adjustments. These allow fine-adjustment for setting the mount to your local latitude. In addition, this mount has Right Ascension (hour angle) and Declination direction controls for polar aligned astronomical observing. Loosen the lock knobs to make large direction changes. Use the control cables for fine adjustment after the lock knobs have both been locked. An additional scale is included for the altitude axis. This allows polar alignment for your local latitude.

The Saxon Eq3 Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount also includes a rugged, adjustable height aluminum tripod with accessory tray. For best telescope performance, the equatorial mount should be properly leveled. A level tripod allows easier fine adjustment of controls and better weight distribution. This equatorial mount includes a small leveling bubble near its base. Adjust the height of each tripod leg until the bubble appears in the center of the circle. Note that the tripod legs may not be at same length when the equatorial mount is level.

Saxon Eq3 Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount Features…

* Sturdy, adjustable height aluminum tripod with accessory tray

* Bubble level for accurate set-up

* Manual slow motion controls on both axes

* Setting circles for assistance in finding objects

* Adjustable 3 kg counterweight for load balance

Saxon Eq3 Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount Specifications…

Mount Type : German equatorial

Controls : Manual slow motion on both axes

Setting Circles : Yes

Counterweight : 3 kg

Tripod : Adjustable height aluminum

Accessory Tray : Yes

Payload : 8 kg

Additional information

Weight 76 kg
Dimensions 106 × 48 × 38 cm


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