Saxon 809B 80mm Grandeur Brass Refractor Telescope

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Very Highly Recommended – a real talking point for your friends and visitors.

INTERMEDIATE TELESCOPE – Premium quality Introductory & Intermediate level telescope – High performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars & star clusters. Plus a real performer for terrestrial spotting, birding & landscapes.

Premium High quality optics & gorgeous quality polished brass tube.

The Saxon Grandeur 809B is superbly designed & expertly hand-crafted unit which you will be absolutely delighted with.

It features an “Antique” style with a solid brass mount & elegant adjustable height premium mahogany tripod.

On backorder, next availability Feb 2021.

Includes Saxon Australia 5 year warranty.

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About the Saxon Grandeur 809B Brass – 80mm Brass Refracting Telescope System…

INTERMEDIATE TELESCOPE – Good quality introductory & Intermediate level telescope – High performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars & star clusters.

A simply superb premium quality unit – a real talking point for your friends and visitors – PLUS – a real performer – Highly Recommended

Are you looking for an antique-style brass telescope to grace your home, den or office? Do you want a brass telescope that’s not only functional, but fashionable as well? Then step right this way and let us show you the Saxon 80mm brass refractor telescope system…

Don’t let the beauty of this classic brass refractor telescope fool you. This is a very well-made and fully operational telescope – superbly designed and built, expertly hand-crafted from polished brass and quality optics throughout. The Saxon Grandeur 809B Brass Telescope is an achromatic design with an 80mm, multi-coated objective lens. It has a 900mm focal length and operates at an f/11.25 focal ratio, meaning it is capable of excellent high magnification factors. It is very well-appointed with a matching 6×30 achromatic brass finderscope, a prestigious 45 degree Amici prism and a 1.25″ brass rack and pinion focuser complete with a 25mm brass Plossl eyepiece. Because the focuser is a standard size, you can also use a wide variety of 1.25″ optical accessories and eyepieces, too!

The features don’t stop there. The Saxon Grandeur 809B – 80mm Brass Refractor Telescope System includes a precision brass alt-azimuth mount crafted in Old World design. It’s simple horizontal and vertical movements make it a pleasure to use. To add even more to this refined brass telescope system is the mahogany tripod with stately brass fittings.

Saxon Grandeur 809B Brass – 80mm Brass Refractor Telescope Features…

* High quality 80mm optics with multi-coatings for clear, bright images with reduced reflections

* Matching 6×30 achromatic brass finderscope and prestigious 45 degree Amici prism housed in a brass body

* Precision 1.25″ rack and pinion focuser and 25mm brass body Plossl eyepiece

* Elegant Old World style brass alt-azimuth mount

* Rich, adjustable height mahogany tripod with brass fittings

What can you expect to see with the Saxon Grandeur 80mm Brass Telescope? Aim it towards the Moon and behold clear, sharp images of lunar craters and tall mountain ranges. Bright star clusters resolve into individual members and nebulae will curl like smokey ribbons across a starry background. You’ll see the equatorial bands on Jupiter and follow the waltz of its four major moons. You’ll get a glimpse of Saturn’s ring system and follow the phases of Venus and Mercury. What’s more, you can use this antique-styled brass Saxon telescope to take aim at a distant sailboat, drink in nature’s beauty or just get a closer look at a wild bird. The Saxon Grandeur 809B 80mm Brass Telescope is a real optical performer housed in an elegant package which will grace any home or office.

Saxon Grandeur 809B Brass – 80mm Brass Refracting Telescope System Specifications…

Optical Design : Achromatic refractor

Lens: Multi coated premium quality

Tube: Solid polished premium brass

Diameter : 80mm

Focal Length : 900mm

F/ratio : f/11.25

Finderscope : 6X30 Brass Finder

Focuser diameter : 1.25″

Diagonal : 45 degree correct-image amici prism – solid brass premium quality

Eyepiece : 1.25″ Plossl 25mm – solid brass case premium quality

Mount Type : Alt-az

Motion Control : Both axes – Vertical & Horizontal

Accessory Tray : Solid Brass

Tripod: Solid premium mahogany

Tube Weight : 9.5 Kgs

Tube Dimension (dia. x length) : 8.5cm x 92cm

Tripod Height : 80-145cm

Shipping Weight : 20kg

Shipping Carton Dimensions : 110 x 45 x 40 cm3

Additional information

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 110 × 45 × 40 cm


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