Saxon 709AZ3 – 70mm Refractor Telescope

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BEGINNER TELESCOPE – Budget introductory telescope for Beginner level astronomy & Terrestrial Spotting, for those on a budget – Good performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars & star clusters – plus birding, landscaping & bay views.

Well suited to the enthusiastic terrestrial viewer wanting that extra reach to see better detail on birding, whale watching & landscaping. Plus beginner level astronomy as a powerful starter telescope.

Features upright image operation for maximum performance on landscapes, birding & whale watching.

Plus Ultra Easy to use Altazimuth mount & adjustable height tripod.

Next availability Feb 2021.

Includes Saxon Australia 5 year warranty.

Available on backorder


BEGINNER TELESCOPE – Budget introductory telescope for Beginner level astronomy & Terrestrial Spotting, for those on a budget – Good performance on the moon, planets, stars, double stars & star clusters.

Are you looking for a telescope that’s equally at home checking out star ships as well as ships at sea?

Then you’ll enjoy the Saxon 709AZ3 – 70mm Refractor Telescope System!

This well-crafted refractor telescope is ready to go right out of the box. At its heart is a 70mm aperture achromatic objective with multi-coatings to reduce reflections and produce clear, bright images.

Next add a user-friendly Alt-Azimuth mount and place it on a sturdy, aluminium tripod. Now for the 45 degree star diagonal for viewing comfort and your choice of 1.25″ eyepieces for a variety of magnification choices. You’re ready to go!


Saxon 709AZ3 – 70mm Refractor Telescope System Features…

* Multi-coated optics for minimising reflections and producing clear, bright images.

* Achromatic refractor design is perfect for both terrestrial and celestial viewing.

* Suitable for the beginner – yet powerful enough for the seasoned sky veteran.

* Light weight and easy assembly is great for all family members.

* Standard 1.25″ rack and pinion focuser accepts many optional accessories.

* Accessory tray for tripod holds your extra eyepieces when not in use.

* Alt-Azimuth mount is easy to operate and includes dual axis manual controls.

* 70mm aperture gathers 36% more light than the average 60mm beginner telescope.

* Included 5X24 optical finderscope for easy target acquisition

What can you expect to see with a Saxon 70mm telescope? Imaging the four major moons of Jupiter and its dark bands… How about the rings of Saturn or the mottled red Mars?

The Saxon 709AZ3 will provide you with amazing views of the Moon and you’ll revel in exploring its deep craters and tall mountain tops! But don’t stop there… The Saxon 70mm Refractor Telescope system is also a very capable deep sky instrument. While it won’t provide Hubble views, it will take you away to bright nebula and star clusters! Spend some time with Deep Space and you’ll be hooked. But, don’t forget! The Saxon 709AZ3 can also be used for birding and wildlife studies… Or any other subject here on Earth! Follow the ships at sea or keep an eye on a distant locale. The Saxon 70 is a very versatile telescope!


Saxon 709AZ3 – 70mm Refractor Telescope System Specifications…

Optical Design : Achromatic Refractor

Diameter : 70mm

Focal Length : 900mm

F/ratio : F/13

Highest Practical Power : 225x

Faintest Stellar Magnitude : 11.9

Resolving Power : 1.65

Finderscope : 5×24 Finder

Focuser diameter : 1.25″

Diagonal : 45 Degree Erecting Prism

Eyepiece(s) : 1.25″ Super 25mm & 10mm

Mount Type : Alt-Azimuth

Slow-motion Control : Manual control in both Vertical & Horizontal mode

Accessory Tray : Wall-to-wall

Tube Weight : 1.45Kgs

Tube Dimension (dia. x length) : 7cm x 66.5cm

Tripod Height : 67-119cm

Shipping Weight : 16Kgs

Shipping Carton Dimensions : 95 x 37 x 24 cm3

Warranty : 5 year limited

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 95 × 37 × 24 cm


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