Saxon 5X20G Golf Scope

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Perfect for anyone who likes their golf !

Fits neatly in golf bag, pocket or purse.

This Saxon Golf Scope has an internal distance scale – giving you a distance from where you are standing – to the pin !

Includes Saxon Australia 5 year warranty.



About the Saxon 5X20G Golf Scope…

Do you enjoy playing golf? Would you like to be able to improve your game?

Getting the distance from the ball to the pin is crucial and just “guessing” isn’t always the most practical way to get that big shot.

Why not improve your golf game with the affordable Saxon 5X20G Golf Scope?! This compact and clever device delivers for you.

The Saxon 5X20G Golf scope features an internal scale and is focus free. It has a fully multi-coated 20mm objective lens for clear, bright images and a 5X magnification factor to get you closer to the action. This compact unit is lightweight and easy to carry in pocket or golf bag. Rubber armored body for non-slip grip and resistance to dings and scrapes.


Saxon 5X20G Golf Scope Features…

* Internal scale

* 20mm fully multi-coated objective lens

* 5X magnification factor

* Rubber armoured body resists dings and scrapes

* Focus free


Saxon 5X20G Golf Scope Specifications…

Equipment Type : Golf Scope

Objective Lens Size : 20mm

Magnifying Power : 5X

Coatings : Fully multi-coated

Focus : Focus-free

Scale : Internal

Saxon Product Number : 5X20G

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 cm


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