Saxon 24X-74X 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope

$999.00 $699.00 inc GST


Suits birding, landscaping, bay views, hunting & astronomy !

Features extra-large high power & quality 100mm lens.

Significantly improved low-light & high power performance.

Enhanced low 24X to high 74X Magnification range.

Supply includes Saxon Australia 5 year warranty.


Do you want to buy a spotting scope for bird watching?

How about a telescope for casual astronomy?

Are you looking for a spotting scope that’s at home for target shooting or surveillance?

Is a spotting scope that works for boating and baywatching what you had in mind?

Then check out the Saxon 24X-74X 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope!

The versatile Saxon 24X-74X 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope starts off with a well constructed aluminum body with an extra-large 100mm objective lens. This allows the Saxon Zoom Spotting Scope to gather significantly more light during twilight, dusk, dawn and night-time situations – providing clear, bright images. The optics are fully multi-coated to produce sharp viewing quality with the best in colour correction, contrast and minimal chromatic aberrations.

Add to this a quality eight element zoom eyepiece which allows for a wide range of magnifications between 24X to 74X. The eyepiece is set at a comfortable 45 degree viewing angle and the assembly rotates a full 360 degrees for user comfort in any situation.

Comes complete with a soft carrying case to protect your investment. Tripod adaptable!


Saxon 24X-74X 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope Features…

* Extra-large 100mm objective lens for significantly improved low-light images

* Full multi-coatings on all lens surfaces to produce clear, bright, high contrast views with minimal chromatic aberration

* Comfortable 45 degree viewing angle and 360 degree focuser rotation for any situation

* Eight element zoom eyepiece gives you a wide range of magnifications between 24X to 74X

* Complete with a soft carrying case to protect your investment

What can you see with the Saxon 24X74 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope?

Imagine setting up in a quiet location and spending an afternoon observing beautiful birds and enjoying the local wildlife.

Take this versatile spotting scope with you to the beach and enjoy the scenery – such as distant sailing ships.

In the city you can keep watch on traffic or keep watch on a distant building.

If you live rurally, the Saxon 100mm Spotting Scope can help you watch over your property from the comfort and safety of indoors.

Hunters will love this spotting scope! You can follow the patterns of wildlife or take it along to the gun range to check on target accuracy without leaving the shooting bench.

The Saxon 24X-74X 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope can also work as a sweet little telescope, too! Just attach it to an optional tripod and enjoy razor-sharp views of the Moon and its craters. Follow the phases of Venus and Mercury. Enjoy the equatorial bands of Jupiter and follow its moons. Spy the rings on Saturn! The Saxon 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope is also capable of resolving large, bright star clusters and providing amazing views of nebulae and other bright, deep space objects.

From comet hunting to deer hunting, it’s a set of optics you’ll enjoy!


Saxon 24X-74X 100mm Zoom Spotting Scope Specifications…

Optics Design : Refractor Spotting Scope

Aperture : 100mm

Coatings : Fully Multi-coated

Eyepiece Design : 8 Element Zoom

Magnification : 24X – 74X

Angle : 45 Degree Eyepiece

Rotation : 360 Degrees

Carry Case – Soft

Tripod : No

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 26 cm


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