Saxon 1025 AZ3 102mm Spotting Scope

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Designed with the serious amateur astronomer or terrestrial observer in mind.

Featuring powerful 102mm, strong AZ3 alt-azimuth mount.

Plus slow motion controls & adjustable height aluminum tripod with accessory tray.

This 102mm (4″) powerful refractor provides razor-sharp images.

Next availability Feb 2021.

Includes Saxon Australia five year warranty.

Available on backorder


Are you looking for a compact refractor telescope which serves well for both astronomy and terrestrial viewing?

How about a perfect “grab and go” telescope with high quality optics?

Do you want a spotting scope for birding, wildlife studies, nature viewing or surveillance?

Then the Saxon 1025 AZ3 – High Performance Heavy Duty Spotting Scope may just be right for you…

The affordable Saxon 1025 AZ3 is an achromatic refractor telescope with a short, compact tube design which makes it perfect for the observer on the go. At its heart is a quality 102mm objective lens which is multi-coated to produce crisp, clean images with an absolute minimum of chromatic aberration – that annoying “purple fringe” around subject matter. Its short 500mm focal length means it’s a great size for all applications and the f/5 focal length means the Saxon 1025 AZ3 102mm refractor will perform well at high magnification factors… up to 204X with a resolution of 1.13 arc seconds. With a limiting magnitude reach of 13.1, this great little telescope is an astronomy performer and can even be adapted via an optional T-2 adapter ring to work as a telephoto lens with your digital or 35mm SLR!

But, the features don’t stop there. The Saxon 1025 AZ3 – High Performance Heavy-duty Spotting Scope also includes an upgraded 2″ rack and pinion focuser, sturdy AZ3 alt-azimuth mount with slow motion controls on both axes and a lightweight, adjustable height aluminum tripod with convenient accessory tray. What’s more, you get a host of accessories such as an ample 6X30 optical finderscope for easy target acquisition, a 1.25″ 45 degree upright image prism for viewing comfort and two Super eyepieces – 10mm and 25mm.


Saxon 1025 AZ3 – High Performance Heavy Duty Spotting Scope Features…

* Perfect for use by the more serious astronomical and terrestrial viewer

* Quality 2″ rack and pinion focuser includes adapter which accepts all standard 1.25″ accessories

* Achromatic refractor design with multi-coatings produces excellent images with reduced chromatic aberrations

* Short tube design and lightweight mount and tripod means this scope loves to travel

* Includes 6X30 optical finderscope, 1.25″ image upright diagonal and two Super eyepieces – 10mm and 25mm

What can you expect to see with a Saxon 1025 AZ3 – High Performance Heavy Duty Spotting Scope?

You’ll be amazed at the razor sharp image quality of the craters and mountain ranges on the Moon. When the atmosphere is steady, Jupiter will present details in its equatorial zones and you can easily follow the four large satellites. Saturn will show its ring system and Titan will appear. Venus and Mercury will reveal their phases. Large, bright star clusters will resolve into individual members and fainter star clusters will show the grainy appearance of resolving stars.

Bright galaxies will float like pale ghosts against a starry backdrop and nebula will grace the eyepiece like glowing clouds. You can even follow bright comets and asteroids, too! During the day the Saxon 1025 AZ3 refractor telescope can also be used for terrestrial studies. Take a closer look at wildlife or birds… Follow a ship at sea… Or power up to keep watch on a distant building or scenic view.

This compact telescope does it all!


Saxon 1025 AZ3 – High Performance Heavy Duty Spotting Scope Specifications…

Optical Design : Achromatic Refractor

Diameter : 102mm

Focal Length : 500mm

F/ratio : F/5

Highest Practical Power : 204x

Faintest Stellar Magnitude : 13.1

Resolving Power : 1.13

Finderscope : 6×30 Finder

Focuser diameter : 2″ with 1.25″ adapter

Diagonal : 45 degree Star Diagonal

Eyepiece(s) : 1.25″ Super 25mm and 10mm

Mount Type : Alt-Azimuth

Slow-motion Control : Vertical & Horizontal

Piggyback Bracket : Yes

Accessory Tray : Wall-to-wall

Tube Weight : 2.53Kgs

Tube Dimension (dia. x length) : 10cm x 47cm

Tripod Height : 71-123cm

Shipping Weight : 18Kgs

Shipping Carton Dimensions : 98 x 45 x 26 cm3

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 98 × 45 × 26 cm


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