Polaris Astro Three Axis Mount Head

$2,499.00 inc GST


Polaris Astro Three Axis Mount Head

Available from early August 2022
  • Remote controlled tracking mount head
  • Robust 7kg carrying capacity
  • Suitable for Apple iOS and Android support
  • Controlled via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or remotely via your standard 4G network
  • Easy setup, with no hassle polar alignment
  • Programmable capability for astroimaging sequences and panoramas with DSLR control
  • In-built image storage via standard SD Card slot
  • Highly portable  – mass is only 1.5kg


  • Suitable for DSLR cameras and lens setups, plus astroimaging telescopes from 72mm to 80mm aperture – such as our exceptional Sky Rover refractors

Available on backorder



Today the pace of technological change is rapid. This Polaris is the World’s First Electric Tripod Head with Camera Interface Controller, Remote DSLR Preview & Configuration through WiFi/Mobile phone network. 

This is a mount head only, you need to add your own DSLR & Tripod to the system.

Benro is a long standing premium manufacturer of high quality photographic equipment. Polaris is their latest and cleverest ever product, it’s enables advanced level astroimaging to be available to the amateur DSLR owner, at the level that you actually seek – not with a product that is too low in mass capability or lacks the necessary sophisticated control logic and performance to achieve results. This product delivers !

Astrophotographers will appreciate that with the Benro Polaris, polar alignment hassles are a thing of the past. Low power consumption combined with a high capacity 11.1V 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery means you can shoot all night.

This is NOT just a basic star tracker mount !

High precision brushless motors are a first for star trackers and offer micro control not just for tracking the night sky but combined with built-in DSLR control means breathtaking timelapses for landscapes, sunrises and sunsets and even satellite tracking.  It’s an artistic tool for both night and day photography.

Remote control

Spending time managing a mount during a long night, especially during the cooler months, can be a trial. Concentrate on your astrophotography creation and let the mount take care of itself by controlling your Polaris via Wifi or Bluetooth.

You can even send your camera and mount away to remote, dark sky location. It simply needs to be charged and levelled and you’ve then got total control for alignment, tracking and imaging over the normal mobile phone network from anywhere in the world.

Rugged, tough and waterproof

The Benro Polaris is waterproof and dustproof with an IPX6 rating.  Polaris is made with aluminum alloy that endures severe working environments.  It’s the toughest, most rugged star tracker mount I have experienced, everything else on the market is basically a  toy.

Heavy duty carrying capacity

At 7kg carrying capacity, the Polaris has the highest carrying capacity of any star tracker mount. Any current DSLR camera and most lens are ideal. It would also be a great match for a small refractor and a DSLR.

The mount itself is lightweight at only 1.5kg.

Ongoing software updates

The Benro Polaris is already receiving regular software updates. The mount’s remote connectivity, advanced hardware including precise, high torque motors are the foundation for ongoing refinements and feature additions.

Matching Tripod

Almost any high-quality photographic tripod can be used to carry the Polaris mount. We suggest this Benro carbon fibre tripod. It’s lightweight with a carrying capacity to match the Polaris.


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