Officina Stellare Rotofocuser Electric Focuser Rotator Assembly

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Option up on your Officina Stellare reflecting astrographs & reflecting telescope.



* Clear aperture: 75 mm (3″)

* Total BFL profile: 74 mm

* Linear travel of focuser: 25 mm (about 1″)

* Absolute resolution of focuser (single step): 0.1 micron

* Absolute resolution of rotator (single step): less than 1″ (arcsecond)

* Payload at 15 cm (6″): 5 Kg/10 Lbs (Max payload: 12 Kg/25 lbs)

* Power supply: 12 Vdc (9 to 15), 0.5 A

* Digital homing on both rotation process and focussing process

Our Rotofocuser is a high grade system which allows the finest control on both focusing and field rotation motion, either performed by a PC or a related control-board. This unit features a 3 inches low profile high precision focuser with a rotator (74mm in total height). The heavy duty focuser employs a helical rack-and-pinion type mechanism, has got a 25mm travel (standard version) for imaging devices or other equipments. The rotator forms a whole block together with the rotator, so RotoFocuser gets compact and can easily be fitted into any optical configuration. Is equipped by an electronic board, housed into the system, that performs the control and driving of two stepping motors, one for the field rotation, the other for the focuser travel.

The board is provided by a 12Vdc power supply (possible range from 9V to 15V DC), and absorbs less than 0.5 Amps with both stepping motors moving.

The low power consumption, and the 12V DC feeding allows the RotoFocuser use into portable instruments, powered by a common 12Vdc car accumulator. Both motors allow high precision motion: the focuser single step travel is less than 0.1μm, while the rotator single step rotation is less than 1 arc-second. This micro-step driving type avoids all mechanical vibrations and grants noiseless motions.

The control board features an LCD display and 6 keys which allow the control of focuser and rotator stepping-motor drivers. The easy to use menu is very intuitive and leads to setting in two different ways: the first is possible by choosing the μm height of the focuser and the deg/min/sec position for the rotator, the second is a jog-motion of both focuser and rotator by pressing two different keys. Some other parameters of the LCD display are easy adjustable, such as brightness, contrast, homing…

The control panel is directly connected to the driver board by a hosting BUS which allows a stable wiring also with long cables (more than 10 meters), and provides its power supply too. Can also be connected to a PC, which provides the full control of all system functions.

The interface is a hosting BUS which permits long wired connections (more than 50 meters) recommended for professional Observatories or amateur fixed installations.

The software developed for the RotoFocuser full control features the ASCOM driver, which allows the RotoFocuser control also by compatible software such as MaximDL or FocusMax.

Price on application only. .

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 20 cm


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