Moravian G4 Mark II G4-16000 CCD Camera with KAF-16803 CCD



Moravian G4 Mark II G4-16000 CCD Camera with KAF-16803 CCD

G4 Mark II cameras inherited all proven design concepts and features from the previous generation, like precise electronics providing uniform frames and extremely low read noise, efficient regulated CCD cooling, reliable mechanical shutter, modular mechanical construction ensuring compatibility with wide variety of accessories including off-axis guider adapters, external filter wheels, Ethernet adapters, guiding cameras etc. But Mark II cameras bring some important enhancements, like much faster download speeds and adjustable (tiltable) telescope adapters.

G4 cameras contain Full-Frame CCD chips OnSemi KAF with 37×37 mm detector area. These detectors are equipped with so-called “anti-blooming gate” (ABG), which drains the over-abundant charge from saturated pixels. ABG ensures the round images of bright stars, without disruptive blooming spikes. On the other side, compromising of the CCD linearity by ABG is only negligible. G4 cameras can be used for astrometric and photometric applications, and can be the ultimate camera for astrophotography.

No matter if your target is reliable scientific data or beautiful images of deep-sky objects, G4 cameras are able to provide both.


G4 series of CCD cameras are manufactured with “Full Frame” CCD sensors manufactured by On Semiconductor (formerly Kodak). This model uses the KAF-16803 CCD which is know for its large electron well capcity, big pixel size, and large surface area.

Sensor Specs

  • An array of 4096  x 4096  (16.8-Megapixels)
  • 9-micron pixel size
  • Anti-blooming Technology with 100x suppression
  • A Quantum Efficiency of 60%
  • A Dark Current less than 3 electrons per second at 25℃
  • Dark Current Doubling Temperature is 6.3℃
  • A 100,000 electron well depth.


The G4 cameras have 16-bit analog to digital converter that offers correlated double sampling to ensure high dynamic range and limit readout noise.

The USB interface offers two types for download speeds, Preview and Low Noise, which allows you download your full fame images in seconds. When using a USB interface, the maximum cable length is approximately 16ft. The cable length can be extended up to 49ft if you are using an active USB extender cable.

Gain 16. e/ADU (all binning modes)
System read noise 10 e RMS (Low Noise)
11e RMS (Preview)
full frame download 10.03 s (Low Noise)
7.19 s (Preview)

If the USB cable option is too short for your observatory setup, the GX Camera Ethernet Adapter allows connection of up to four GX cameras of any type though a TCP/IP and Ethernet interface, which increases the connection range to an unlimited distance.



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